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New Products: March 2017

New Products

Measurement Equipment

Level Transmitters Provide Accurate Measurements in Challenging Applications


The Model 2290 unguidedwave radar transmitters and Model 2291 guided-radar transmitters incorporate advanced radar-sensing technology designed for high-accuracy tank level measurement in a wide variety of chemical-processing and watertreatment applications. Radar levelsensing technology is based on the principle of transit time. A sensor emits electromagnetic waves and electronics convert the waves’ travel time to a distance value and calculate the liquid level in the tank. Variations in tank shapes, materials, and process conditions can create measurement challenges, but these level transmitters provide solutions where conventional technologies struggle to obtain the accuracy needed to provide consistent fill-level information.

GF Piping Systems

Gas Sensor Measures Carbon Monoxide for Process Monitoring and Control


The EVO Series of nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensors has been expanded to offer carbon monoxide (CO) measurement over the volume percent range. The sensors are suitable for gas analysis and emission measurement in fluegas-monitoring and process-control applications. The gas sensors feature optimized optical components, adjustable software, and a flexible power supply. A plug-and-play interface simplifies connection of the sensor to hardware.

smartGas Mikrosensorik

Vibration Sensor Can Be Deployed in Difficult-to-Access Locations


Field wireless devices are gaining popularity because they improve productivity, enhance safety, and reduce installation costs. The ISA100 wireless-based field vibration sensor can quickly update data and boasts a long battery life. Real-time updates of vibration levels in facilities can help users detect equipment anomalies, enabling predictive maintenance. The sensor can be set to update data as quickly as every 10 seconds. When the data update frequency is set at once per minute, the sensor can operate on a single set of batteries for up to 10 years. This eliminates the cost associated with replacement batteries and minimizes maintenance requirements. Fully redundant communications send and receive different types of sensor signals over long distances. The device is suitable for measuring vibration levels of equipment such as compressors, pumps, motors, and fans.


Sensors Can Be Customized for a Range of Measurement Scenarios


The DS80 Intelligent Sensor Series features a standard modular design that can be customized for accurate and reliable measurement of pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity, resistivity, and other specific ions. Replaceable cartridge sensors provide multi-parameter analytical measurements that are exceptionally accurate and reliable. Users can select cartridges to customize the system for a wide range of application-specific measurements in rugged industrial environments, which is not possible with some off-the-shelf analytical sensors. The sensors store and identify calibration information, and they can connect with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and computers that are MODBUS-enabled.

Electro-Chemical Devices

Conductivity Sensor Provides Accurate and Repeatable Measurements


The Memosens CLS82D conductivity sensor includes four electrodes that measure conductivity from 1 µS/cm to 500 mS/cm and temperature from 23°F to 248°F (–5°C to 120°C). The four-electrode design is more accurate than two-electrode sensors because the two additional voltagemeasuring electrodes suppress the electrochemical effects at the live electrodes. The sensor’s Type 316L stainless steel construction, electropolished surfaces, hygienic process connections, and IP68 connections make it suitable for hygienic applications. It can be sterilized in place (SIP) at temperatures up to 284°F (140°C) for clean-in-place (CIP) operations. Typical applications include phase separations, chromatography, fermentation, monitoring, and ultrafiltration.



Hydrogel Beads Support 3D Cell Growth


These alginate and agarose hydrogel beads enable three-dimensional cell culture growth. The environment supported by the beads more closely mimics in vivo conditions than two-dimensional Petri dish environments, providing better access to nutrients and facilitating more cell-cell interactions. The beads are precision-manufactured to ensure reproducibility of experiments and allow for easy scalability in a variety of applications. The highly monodispersed beads have a uniform size of 75 µm and excellent batch-to-batch consistency. They are supplied as highly concentrated suspensions, which allows close packing of beads for higher cell yields.

Particle Works

Control Station Lowers the Learning Curve for New Equipment


The BioFlo 120 is a bench-scale fermentor/bioreactor for research and development in academic, government, and industrial settings. The flexible system is suitable for both microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture applications. An extensive range of glass and BioBLU single-use vessel options between 250 mL and 40 L are available. Universal connections for digital Mettler Toledo Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) and analog sensors enable users to monitor a variety of critical process parameters. The embedded software offers real-time local process control through an integrated touchscreen. Auto Culture modes for push-button control of microbial and cell culture applications drastically lower the learning curve associated with operating the new equipment.


Flash Cartridges Address a Peptide Synthesis Bottleneck


The SNAP Bio C18 and C4 cartridges are a new series of high-performance flash cartridges with wide pore media (300 å) for reversed-phase purification of peptides and other large molecules. Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) is one of the main bottlenecks in the peptide synthesis workflow, limited by small loading amounts, long separation times, poor recoveries, and high costs. These cartridges offer similar performance to traditional formats, but in a flash design and at a fraction of the cost. They have a higher loading capacity than prep RP-HPLC, enabling more peptide to be processed in a single injection, as well as faster, more efficient peptide purification. Flash formats also require less solvent, thereby creating less waste. The columns are available in 10-g, 25-g, 50-g, and 100-g sizes.


Bioprocess Controller Determines Key Process Information


The high metabolic burden during recombinant protein production in E. coli can cause cell death and lysis, increasing impurities and product loss. PATfix is an in-process control system that offers fast and precise analysis and monitoring of bioprocesses. It retrieves key process information, such as the optimal time of harvest, to help facilitate important process decision-making. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fingerprinting supported by chemometric techniques evaluates data and indicates an optimal harvest time. Integrated multivariate data analysis (MVDA) tools determine deviations from optimal conditions. Impurity monitoring enables reliable detection of physiological events in the bioreactor, eliminating the need for cumbersome offline analytics.

BIA Separations

Filtration System Prepares Samples for Clarification


Preparing samples by clarification is an essential step prior to nearly all analytical techniques, such as highpressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). This filtration step to remove particles is crucial for maintaining the integrity of chromatography columns and for maximizing their operating life. The Claristep is a fast, small-volume filtration system that consists of a workstation and filter units. It does not require the addition of any leachables or extractables to the original sample. An exchangeable tray enables easy and accurate positioning of sample vials and filter units. Unique grooves in the filter unit’s lid automatically guide caps into the correct position for simultaneous and accurate cap closure. The system filters up to eight samples at once, without a power supply or a vacuum pressure source. Single-use filter units are optimized for solvents and aqueous solutions at volumes between 60 µL and 600 µL.


Fluids and Solids Handling

Open-Head Sensor Interlock Prevents Unintended Peristaltic Pump Operation


An open-head sensor interlock adds an extra layer of protection to the Masterflex peristaltic pumps for users tasked with tubing changes and routine maintenance. The technology is available on Masterflex Easy-Load pump heads that are compatible with all L/S and I/P drives. The extra layer of protection prevents unexpected remote operations when the pump is connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system — similar to a lockout/tagout procedure. A retrofit system is available to add the open-head sensor interlock technology to current installations. The interlock is suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical process industries.


Air Handler Includes an Integrated Dehumidifier

This integrated custom air handler (ICA) can now be equipped with RightDry technology. This technology allows customers to use low-temperature reactivation sources for applications that require supply air delivered at 15 grain/lb (20°F dewpoint) or above. Users can employ hot water as low as 100°F or low-pressure steam from a boiler or waste energy source, while achieving tight humidity control. Integrating the desiccant dehumidifier with the air conditioning components improves moisture removal efficiency and lowers annual operating costs. The ICA system includes a dehumidifier, heating and cooling coils, a refrigeration package, and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters on the supply and return lines.



Process Control Software Automates Step-Testing Activities


When a process significantly changes, engineers conduct step-testing to understand the effects each process variable has on other process variables. This requires a series of small changes, and it can be time-consuming to collect data, build algorithms, and generate dynamic models. Pavilion8 Version 5.12 model predictive control (MPC) software empowers engineers to design and execute step-tests faster, more safely, and more accurately. Unlike manual step-testing that must be continuously monitored on-site, the Step Test Assistant independently makes adjustments in a test environment to identify models that drive operations to their best performance faster. Tests can be completed as much as 30% faster than manual testing. The software features Windows-based configuration and support, a multivariable run-time controller, continuous controller monitoring, and support for current browsers and operating systems.

Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Materials and Chemicals

Epoxy Exhibits Superior Thermal Properties


Formulated for use in demanding thermal management applications, EP30TC is a two-component epoxy that contains a robust thermally conductive filler of very fine particles. The low-viscosity epoxy can be used for bonding, coating, sealing, and encapsulating applications. It has a thermal conductivity of 18–20 Btu-in/ft2-hr-°F (2.60–2.88 W/m-K), and it can be applied in sections as thin as 5–15 μm, resulting in a low thermal resistance. It can be used over a wide temperature range of –100°F to 300°F (–73°C to 149°C). The material bonds well to metals, composites, ceramics, glass, and many plastics, with very low shrinkage upon curing and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Master Bond

Lubricant Earned Important Industry Approval


VISCOBASE 11-522 is a synthetic oil suitable for high-performance gear applications. The formulation passed FZG bench tests — considered an industry standard. The gear oil improves energy efficiency by maintaining an optimal viscosity across an expanded range of operating temperatures, from cold to hot. The lubricant boasts a long service life between fewer drain intervals, making it suitable for remote applications.




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