CEP: March 2017

Finding balance between work and life is a challenge for almost all of us. It’s something that most of us want, but few of us put conscious effort into achieving. And, technology makes it harder and harder to separate work and life. It turns out that those same technologies could also provide a means to work flexibly to accommodate diverse schedules and needs — helping you balance work and life. Here are some tips for achieving work-life balance. Also, read this month’s editorial for additional thoughts. Other topics in this issue include isolating relief devices, process control, industiral effluent treatment and scheduling to increase energy efficiency.


Workplace Flexibility - Finding a Balance

Work-life balance is a topic near and dear to my heart, so I enjoyed and appreciated this month’s cover feature by Giselle Schlegel, a leader of AIChE’s Young Professionals (YP) Committee and Chair of the Delaware Valley Local Section (pp. 52–54). Schlegel points out that finding a balance between your job and your personal life is good for you and for your employer, and she offers tips for both employees and employers to ease this balancing.

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Safely Service Your Relief Devices

Aubry Shackelford, P.E., P.Eng., Jeffrey Heil, P.E., Ian Sergo
Safety risks and economic costs make shutting down a process when a pressure relief device needs to be isolated or removed less than ideal. Several alternative methods are available that will enable you to isolate these devices while continuing to run your process.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Career Catalyst
Giselle Schlegel
Finding a balance between work and your personal life is critical to your happiness and well-being, as well as the success of your company.
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