Special Section: Energy - Tomorrow’s Technology is a Reality Today


Clean and efficient transportation and power are a reality today because of public-private investment in fuel cell technology over the past few decades.

I became a proponent of fuel cells when my lab, Savannah River National Laboratory, participated in a road test of the 2009 Toyota Highlander fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). As an owner of a gasoline-powered Toyota Highlander, I was particularly interested in this test. The new fuel cell powertrain’s performance was equivalent to my Highlander’s, but with a fuel economy of greater than 68 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent. This full-scale pilot test proved that FCEVs could compete with more traditional gasoline-powered vehicles on performance.

FCEVs are attractive because they offer competitive performance while also cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In their article (pp. 50–54), Krishna...

Author Bios: 

Bond Calloway

Bond Calloway is an Associate Laboratory Director at the Savannah River National Laboratory, where he leads a team of scientists and engineers conducting energy research. He has more than 30 years of industrial experience in research and development, design, construction, and operation of nuclear/chemical plants.

Bond is currently the 2017 AIChE President. Bond Calloway was elected as the 2016 AIChE President-Elect. Bond was elected to the AIChE Board of Directors (2011– 2013). He was the co-chair of the 2009 AIChE Annual Meeting and the 2014 Natural Gas workshop. Bond currently...Read more

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