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Post-impact explosions are responsible for 40% of aviation fatalities. Although jet fuel has improved over the years, it is still flammable on impact.

If Harry Potter were to design solar panels for Hogwarts, his invisibility cloak may come in handy. But rather than providing a sneaky hideout for the wizards, the cloak would conceal dead zones on solar cells.

A new contender for capturing CO2 promises to give other materials a run for their money, and could also open up a new path for the development of next-generation adsorbants.

Sodium-ion batteries have emerged as a promising, low-cost alternative to lithium-ion batteries to store electrical energy for the power grid. Sodium is less expensive, not as toxic, and more abundant than lithium.

Biofuels are not all created equal. Some are made from corn, others from cellulose. And, while most of the biofuels on the market today are ethanol-based, other biofuels are just as, if not more, viable.

A new method that coaxes molecules to self-assemble into tiny tubes, even morphing into networks of little cylinders, could be used to make engineered tissues such as veins and arteries that grow and heal like their biological counterparts.

Chief executives of ten global oil and gas companies have jointly declared their support for an effective climate agreement to be reached at the 21st session of the United Nations (UN) Conference of Parties to the UN Framework on Climate Change (COP21) scheduled to begin at the end of this month

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