Spotlight on Safety: Enable Employee Growth and Success


On a recent talk radio program, Zeynep Ton, the author of the book The Good Jobs Strategy, discussed the defining factors of a good job — fair wages, predictable schedules, and opportunities for growth and success. The last element — opportunities for growth and success —? reminded me of incidents that occurred during my career as a process safety specialist. Often, the people involved with safety incidents, typically operators, had no chance for success, and in some cases, operators unfairly bore the brunt of the blame, as well as the consequences.

For example, a runaway reaction occurred at a Patterson, NJ, chemical plant after chemists, engineers, and/or manufacturing management made two flawed decisions. The first was to run an exothermic batch reaction with all of the reactants present at the same time, and the second was to increase the batch size. The instructions given to the operators on how to run the reaction were vague, and included imprecise directions that involved heating to start the reaction and then cooling before the reaction got out of control. The operators recorded their observations about how difficult it was to maintain control of the reaction over the course of the first 19 batches, but those logs were never reviewed...

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Albert Ness

Albert Ness joined CCPS in 2013 as a Process Safety Writer. Prior to that, Albert had 39 years of experience with Rohm and Haas, GE Plastics, The Dow Chemical Company and ABS Consulting as a research and development engineer in plastics, agricultural chemicals and Ion Exchange Resins and then, starting in 1989, as a process safety specialist. He was the Secretary/Treasurer and then a Director of the Safety and Health Division of the AIChE for 13 years, and a member of the NFPA 654 technical committee for combustible dusts for eight years as a representative from Rohm and Haas and then Dow...Read more

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