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New Products - November 2015

New Products

Product Digest: Heat Transfer

Plate Heat Exchanger Facilitates Efficient Operation


The TK20 semi-welded, gasketed plate heat exchanger is suited for applications where high efficiency is key, such as evaporators, condensers, desuperheaters, and economizers/subcoolers. It is designed for use with natural refrigerants (NH3 and CO2) at low or high pressures. Innovative design features include: RefTight, a gasket groove design that offers maximum gasket support with minimum gasket contact; CurveFlow, a distribution zone with increased energy efficiency per unit plate surface area; and ClipGrip, a mounting method that secures the gasket on both sides of the plate, ensuring that it stays in place when the exchanger is opened. The flexible configuration enables the heat-transfer area to be increased or decreased according to the user’s needs.

Alfa Laval

Material Keeps Devices Cool

The PTM6000 phase-change material (PCM) is part of a line of thermal interface materials that transfer and dissipate heat from advanced semiconductor devices. Unlike many other thermal management options, PTM6000 boasts both high-end performance and long-lasting reliability. The material transfers thermal energy from the chip to the heat sink or spreader, where it is dissipated into the surrounding environment; this keeps the chip cool while enabling the heat sink module to perform optimally. The formulation is chemically and mechanically stable to help maintain consistent performance. Its reliability has been demonstrated in industry-accepted aging testing, which includes thermal cycling from –55°C to 125°C and extended baking at 150°C.


Freeze/Thaw Containment Unit Improves Fluid Distribution


The Acclimate system is a single-use bag within a containment structure that is intended for freezing/thawing applications of biopharmaceutical fluids. The flexible system is available with bags that hold 2 L, 6 L, or 16 L of fluid, and it can easily fit into commercial freezing equipment and stacks. Studies indicate that the unique tufted design improves fluid distribution and expansion during freezing/thawing cycles. The bag and container can withstand freezing temperatures as low as –80°C and maintain complete integrity when thawed.

ASI-Life Sciences

Heater Provides Uniform Heat and Has a Fast Response


This mica foil high-temperature heater offers fast and uniform heating up to 600°C (1,112°F). It consists of a distributed-wattage etched-foil heating element that is bonded between two sheets of a high-temperature mica sheath material. The manufacturer offers custom shapes to match the working surface of the intended application. Installation involves simply clamping the heater in place. The unit is suitable for applications where temperature profile and thermal response are critical to the manufacturing process.

Durex Industries

Heating Block Reduces Sample Distillation Time


Small-volume distillations can save time, but they also can present obstacles. The SimpleDist-Micro heating block distills 26 small samples simultaneously. It is made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-coated graphite enclosed in a durable acrylic-polyvinyl chloride alloy housing, and its disposable polypropylene SimpleDist tubes eliminate the need for costly glassware. It has a built-in controller, and does not require cooling water. This system is suitable for environmental regulatory reporting of cyanide levels, and it can be adapted to report on ammonia and phenols as well.

Environmental Express


Liquid CO2 Pump Requires No External Cooling Bath


The self-contained SFT-10 liquid carbon dioxide pump includes advanced Peltier (thermoelectric) technology to achieve high-pressure operation without the need for an external cooling bath. The Peltier chiller maintains the temperature of the pump heads low enough to ensure the carbon dioxide remains in the liquid state. Dual sapphire syringe pumps deliver carbon dioxide at pressures up to 10,000 psi at flowrates from 0.01 mL/min to 23 mL/min. These features enable the SFT-10’s use in supercritical fluid extraction and supercritical fluid reaction chemistry and chromatography applications.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Coatings Protect Baskets and Tanks from Aggressive Chemicals


All of the manufacturer’s baskets and tanks are now available with impact- and chemical-resistant coatings, such as perfluoroalkoxy (PFA), ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), polyvinylidene fluoride, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). These coating options extend the service life of equipment used in processes that involve harsh acids. The coated offerings are also suitable for use with delicate parts that are prone to surface blemishes, providing a softer surface that may prevent scratches.

Ultrasonic LLC


Operator Interface Simplifies Visualization of Large Applications


The processing industries often require multiple terminals or PCs to monitor trends and information in complex applications. The Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance graphical terminal consolidates screens, alarms, and tags into a single interface to simplify and streamline visualization of complicated systems. This release expands on the PanelView Plus 7 Standard model with a larger screen option, more processing power, and expanded connectivity and software support. A more powerful central processing unit (CPU) enables larger displays and enhanced functionality. With video playback, users can incorporate videos into the terminal for operator training and troubleshooting. Microsoft Office viewers and Internet Explorer allow users to read Office files and HTML pages directly from the terminal.

Rockwell Automation


Chemiluminescence Detectors Boast High Sensitivity


Oil refineries and petrochemical producers depend on precise sulfur and nitrogen testing to meet environmental regulations and product quality standards. These sulfur (Model 8355) and nitrogen (Model 8255) chemiluminescence detectors have been completely redesigned to be more sensitive to meet stringent standards for sulfur and nitrogen. Both models offer complete integration of the gas chromatograph, detector, and software for fast, reliable, low-level analyses. The redesign has made the detectors easier to maintain because their simplified burners have 50% fewer components. Routines that used to take one hour can now be completed in only ten minutes.

Agilent Technologies


Metal Detector Identifies and Ignores False Signals


Because false signals can generate confusion as to whether or not metal is actually present, some metal detectors do not reliably detect small amounts of metal in certain products. The Xtreme metal detector enhanced platform (EP) is able to ignore false signals to detect small amounts of metal, even in harsh applications. The detector has been improved with a completely redesigned user interface that is modeled after smartphone interfaces. The EP model is certified for the harshest washdown environments, and boasts greater sensitivity due to its multiple frequency ranges and immunity to vibration. The detector is suitable for light-duty applications in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and rubber industries.


Checkweigher Helps Ensure Product Quality


AD-4961 Series checkweighers improve product quality and reduce production costs by identifying underweight and overweight products. The modular checkweighers include an inlet conveyor, a weighing conveyer, a control unit, and a base unit, all of which can be serviced individually to avoid system shutdown. A newly designed digital load cell and an ultra-high-speed processing module deliver precise weights and measurements. Standard digital inputs and outputs enable interfacing and connection of external devices, as well as future system expansion.

A&D Inspection


Clone-Generation Service Offers Two Production Platforms


The Provantage biodevelopment service has been expanded to include a clone-generation offering. The service includes DNA synthesis of the sequence encoding the biologic, cloning of the sequence in a vector, transfection of a preparation of stable pools of producing cells, amplification of the expression cassette, and subcloning of high-producing cells. Clients can choose from DG44 or CHO-S cell lines to meet their technical requirements and business objectives. While DG44 cells offer more freedom for process development, the CHO-S line can be more cost-effective. Every clone generation is fully documented to ensure traceability from the source and demonstrate that the cell is clonal, making the cells usable for clinical production and the submission of investigational new drug (IND) applications.

EMD Millipore

Online Course Promotes Moisture Analysis Accuracy


This online course, “What Everybody Ought to Know about Moisture Analysis,” explains how to improve the accuracy of moisture content analysis in order? to enhance yields and reduce waste. It is offered free for a limited time, and allows participants to earn a certificate for internal tracking, which can help when working to obtain good manufacturing practice (GMP) qualification. The course covers topics such as common analysis methods, moisture analyzer installation and cleaning, optimum sample handling, and how to develop a consistent and reliable moisture analysis method.

Mettler Toledo

Software & Information Technology

App Answers Questions About Gases


The iGases app has been updated to provide more detailed answers to questions regarding gases and their uses. The update integrates multiple tools, including the gas advisor, gas lexicon, unit converter, and flowrate calculator. The gas lexicon contains pertinent physical-chemical properties, such as density, vapor pressure, flammability limits, and thermal conductivity, as well as safety information, for various gases. The flowrate calculator helps users determine suitable gas safety equipment for the design of technical gas systems, regardless of the manufacturer of the gas system. Users can communicate with one of the manufacturer’s experts via a direct email connection through the app. The app is available as a free download.


Update Expands Software’s Heat-Transfer Functionalities


PIPE-FLO Professional is a fluid-flow analysis and design modeling software tool. Version 15 includes improvements to existing features as well as new heat-transfer functionalities, additional device operating modes, 15 new calculations, enhanced reporting, and automatic solutions for several over-controlled scenarios. The heat-transfer capabilities have been expanded with the addition of thermal analysis calculations and new devices to model heat sources, sinks, and exchangers. New operating modes for devices include temperature control, suction pressure, and discharge pressure. A free demonstration version of the software is available for download.

Engineered Software, Inc.

Cloud-Based Asset Tracker Ensures Data Accuracy


Manual methods of tracking equipment health to predict failures are time-consuming and prone to errors and incomplete data, while some computerized maintenance management systems can be costly and complex, often requiring significant information technology (IT) resources to implement. Fluke Connect Assets is a cloud-based wireless system of software and testing tools that gives maintenance managers a comprehensive view of critical equipment, including baseline, historical, and current data needed to implement preventive maintenance and condition-based maintenance programs. Wireless testing tools feed data to the software, eliminating manual recording of measurement and ensuring data accuracy. The software displays multiple types of predictive data, side by side, in a visual format that can be easily analyzed and compared. Key features of the system include the health dashboard, which displays an overview of the status of all assets over time; analysis record, which logs the maintenance history of each piece of equipment?; and status dashboard, which allows managers to quickly scan recent status updates for key assets.


Tool Enables Real-Time Collaboration


ZynQ 360 is web-based software that employs high-definition (HD), 360-deg. spherical photos and videos to enable real-time collaboration and visual review of assets. It complements the manufacturer’s asset integrity management services, which aid regulatory compliance efforts and reduce operational costs and physical asset risks. Users gain a window into operations, some of which may be remote, giving operators the opportunity to access asset information and identify important issues.

AIMS Global Consulting LLC


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