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Spread the Word for the 2022 CHS Americas Conference

To promote your involvement at this year's conference and encourage others to attend, please download the images below! Ambassadors like you are an essential part of event success. We hope to see you there! Thank you for collaborating with us.

Please click the links to download the conference flyer, powerpoint, and social media banners. Post conference banners with the sample blurbs below.

*Abstract Deadline: August 8th, 2022 || *Early Bird Deadline: August 20th, 2022

Conference Flyer

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Sample Blurbs & Posts

Use the following sample blurbs and posts with the conference banners:

  • CHS partnered with #REplus22 on September 19-22  in Anaheim, CA! Join us in-person. Register to our events at www.aiche.org/chsus or www.re-plus.com!
  • Are you a hydrogen producer, distributor, end-user, or start-up? Join us in addressing hydrogen safety in both existing and developing applications at the CHS Americas Conference – www.aiche.org/chsus – Abstract submissions open until August 8th. 
  • Develop your in-house hydrogen safety expertise at the CHS Americas Conference – www.aiche.org/chsus – Establish industry connections and collaborate to increase awareness of hydrogen safety applications. Abstract submissions and Early Bird are open!
  • Focused on applied safety in hydrogen, the CHS Americas Conference will bring together seasoned practitioners in hydrogen safety to share best practices and lessons learned for the design and operations of hydrogen systems. Join us: www.aiche.org/chsus
  • Register now for the CHS Americas Conference - aiche.org/chsus  The hydrogen safety talks will cover the following topics: ➥ Lessons Learned ➥ Public Education and Awareness ➥ Transport and Distribution of Hydrogen ➥ End Use Applications ➥ Production of Hydrogen ➥ Safe Storage of Hydrogen
  •  Register Early! 2022 Center for Hydrogen Safety Americas Conference! Register and submit an abstract --> aiche.org/chsus
  • FINAL CALL FOR ABSTRACTS! Submit an abstract by August 8th for the 2022 Center for Hydrogen Safety Americas Conference! --> aiche.org/chsus