2024 mRNA Technology Conference | AIChE

The 2024 mRNA Technology Conference will showcase never before presented research and technology advances from both established leaders and early career professionals providing insights into present, developing, and future mRNA Applications. Topics such as rapid advancement of new modalities, ground breaking mRNA applications for broad spectrum mRNA vaccines, mRNA cancer treatments, overcoming mRNA challenges to enable feasible global distribution, storage, and advancing mRNA formulations will be discussed. 

Important Deadlines:
Early Bird Registration Deadline: March 17, 2024
New Poster Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024

I look forward to engaging and networking with scientists and engineers during AIChE's first sponsored mRNA Technology Conference. The 'Manufacturing I' session will be an exciting opportunity to hear about recent technology advances in optimizing the IVT and reactor processes with a focus on speed and improved quality/efficacy of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics
Rodney Combs, Pfizer
The informal networking I’ve experienced at AIChE's SBE conferences has enriched me and led to lifelong collaborations and friendships. I look forward to the next opportunity to talk in depth with scientists, researchers, and engineers from academia, industry, and other organizations
Gregg Nyberg, Landmark Bio

Who Should Attend

  • Scientists at all career stages
  • Biological Engineers in academia and industry at all levels
  • Engineers in academia and industry
  • Scientists in industry and academia
  • Researchers from other disciplines from industry and academia
  • Students and senior researchers
  • Industry decision makers/ tech scouts looking to speed up research and foster new applications

Special Section: The Future of Bioengineering

Driving the solutions to many of society’s biggest challenges.

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