6th International Conference on Plant Synthetic Biology, Bioengineering and Biotechnology | AIChE

This conference brings together scientists and engineers from universities, industry, and government working in all aspects of plant synthetic biology, plant bioengineering, and plant biotech. This year’s program focusses on plant biotechnology, applied plant research and synthetic biology, engineering plant specialized metabolism and bio production of plant metabolites, and engineering climate-resilient crops. 

Funding Opportunities Available

Funding Available for U.S. Based Students, Post-Docs and Early Career Professors: We have limited funds available to provide registration support to people not currently registered for the meeting. Fill out the application form to be considered for support.

Our invited speakers will present cutting-edge research covering diverse applications of plant synthetic biology. I am particularly interested in the sessions related to plant metabolic engineering for agricultural and medical applications.
Georg Jander, Boyce Thompson Institute

Top Reasons to Submit a Poster Abstract

  • Share knowledge and advances in plant synthetic biology and biotechnology
  • Receive feedback on your research from experts in the field
  • Join leaders and experts from cutting edge fields of plant synthetic biology to discuss progress and needs to develop technology and innovation
  • Extend your influence as part of an exceptional technical program
  • The program provides opportunities to network and build new collaborations 



  • Genome and Epigenome Editing
  • Specialized Metabolism
  • Engineering Plant Resilience (Stress Resistance)
  • Engineering more Efficient Plants
  • New Tools and Technologies
I am excited to see new tools and methods that will advance our knowledge of plant specialized metabolism and translate the knowledge into real world applications.
Sijin Li, Cornell University

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Identify potential Ph.D. or postdoc research labs
  • Look forward to a diverse panel of scientists dedicated to the plant synbio field
  • Learn about developments that can be applied to your work and help advance your research
  • Network and prepare for the next stage in your career 
  • Learn about new research methods
  • Be part of the Plant SynBio community

Who Should Attend

  • Academicians in plant sciences (students, post-docs, technical specialists, and professors)
  • Researchers in biotechnology industries 
  • Industry researchers and associated professionals 
  • Regulators interested in the latest technology developments


Conference Chairs

Organizing Committee

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

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