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New Products: May 2021

New Products

Fluids and Solids Handling

Versatile Lump Breaker Is Available with Several Screen Styles


The Nibbler lump breaker features a choice of screen styles to promote fast, efficient size reduction of a wide range of powders, granules, and other bulk materials. A heavy-duty, serrated screen breaks up hard lumps and chunks, such as filter cakes and briquettes, and a lighter-duty woven wire mesh screen deagglomerates fine, dry materials. The lump breaker cuts the dry materials with a low-speed, high-torque rotating paddle assembly and then shears the materials through the screen via attrition milling to prevent heat and fine particle generation. Both the serrated and woven wire screens are offered for particle sizes from 1 mm to 25 mm, as well as in custom sizes to suit other particle sizes and shapes.

Gericke USA

Automated Bulk Bag Filling System Minimizes Operator Intervention


The Flowmatic 04 bulk bag filling system automates bulk bag filling and packaging processes. The system is designed for continuous use in gross weighing operations at flowrates up to 40 bulk bags per hour. It can handle bulk bags, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), super sacks, and jumbo bags. An inflatable dust containment seal accommodates a variable sealing gap. The height of the structure can be adjusted to accommodate bulk bags of various dimensions and different bulk material characteristics.

Palamatic Process, Inc.

High-Shear Mixers Are Suitable for Hazardous Locations


These inline high-shear mixers are now available in a portable, explosionproof model. They are offered with an optional explosionproof, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 7/9 operator station mounted to the mobile mixer cart. Controls can be customized to display key process variables. The mixers are suitable for a variety of dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization applications. An elastomer coating allows the mixer to be used in processes with chemically aggressive fluids.

Charles Ross & Sons, Inc.


Signal Conditioners Output Digital or Analog Communications


The NTC-6000 Qwik-Cal linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) signal conditioners provide digital or analog communications for (AC)- operated LVDT sensors. The signal conditioners convert position feedback from AC-LVDTs into readable output for computers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), data acquisition systems, and data loggers. They are able to self-diagnose LVDT failure, disconnects, or short circuits.


Thermal Flowmeters Support Various Communication Protocols


The ST Series and MT Series thermal flowmeters offer accurate, reproducible thermal flow measurement performance. The flowmeters support a range of communications technologies, including Profibus, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Modbus, as well as standard 4–20-mA or pulse communications. The ST100A Series and MT100 Series are available with Profibus-PA, while the ST80 Series is available with both Profibus-PA and Profibus-DP. In addition to flowrate, the flowmeters monitor totalized flow, temperature, and instrument health diagnostics.

Fluid Components International

Gas Detectors Require Minimal Calibration


The Ultima X5000 and General Monitors S5000 gas detectors protect workers from the potentially lethal effects of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO) gases. They feature the company’s TruCal technology, which automatically self-checks and corrects sensor drift to extend calibration cycles up to 24 months. Dual sensors offer double sensing power in half of the footprint of a single gas transmitter. Built-in SafeSwap capability enables quick replacement of XCell sensors during operation.

MSA Safety

Level Detectors Handle Most Bulk Solids


The CL-10 G Series level detectors handle fine, lightweight chemical powders with bulk densities as low as 1 lb/ft3, as well as a variety of heavier bulk solids with densities of 10–15 lbs/ft3. The level detectors consist of a paddle-style probe that is installed in a container at the desired measuring point. When the probe is uncovered, the paddle is free to vibrate and produce an output signal, indicating that a low level exists. When the paddle is covered, a dampening of the oscillation occurs. The loss of signal indicates that a high level exists. The level detectors are low-maintenance and have no moving parts, gaskets, or seals. In addition, they are pre-calibrated and do not require field calibration upon installation.

Dynatrol USA

Specific Ion Analyzer Is Suitable for Hazardous Areas


The X80 universal transmitter analyzer features atmosphere explosive (ATEX) certification, which enables it to safely measure water-based chemicals in hazardous areas. The S88 specific ion sensors monitor and detect ammonia, ammonium, bromide, cadmium, calcium, chloride, copper, cyanide, fluoride, potassium, sodium, and sulfide. The specific ion electrode cartridge design converts the chemical activity of a specific ion dissolved in a liquid (water) into an electrical potential that is proportional to the number of specific ions in the solution. In addition to specific ions, the sensors can be configured to measure pH, oxygen-reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen, conductivity, or resistivity.

Electro-Chemical Devices

Laboratory Equipment

Raman Spectrometer Collects In Situ Process Measurements


The Raman Rxn analyzer provides accurate chemical composition measurements for applications in the chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. The analyzer collects in situ process measurements, enabling real-time process monitoring, optimization, and control. The Raman RunTime embedded control software provides 24/7 connectivity to process data via the user-friendly touchscreen or a remote device. The analyzer can be mounted on a rack or installed on a benchtop or mobile cart. Stainless steel enclosures are available for lab, pilot plant, or manufacturing applications. The rugged analyzer and sampling probes are certified for installation in hazardous areas.

Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.

Automatic Balance Reduces Exposure and Contamination Risks


The XPR automatic balance significantly reduces exposure risk during powder measurement. Automatic direct dosing reduces the airborne exposure risk to lungs and eyes, as well as the risk of spills. In addition, users do not need to repeatedly open the balance door to transfer compounds from the main container into a secondary container. An enclosed head doses into target vials or capsules with openings as small as 6 mm in diameter. Active machine learning capabilities learn a substance’s flow characteristics and improve dispensing efficiency in real time. The balance is small enough to fit inside a glove box or safety enclosure to further enhance containment.

Mettler Toledo

Purification System Streamlines Sample Extraction

The KingFisher apex purification system automates the extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells from an array of sample types. The system allows users to customize protocols directly from the instrument to simplify sample preparation. It automates much of the error-prone work associated with preparing high-quality nucleic acids and proteins. The high-throughput system can process 24–96 samples in 25–65 min and elutes in small volumes (10 µL).

ThermoFisher Scientific


Industrial Software Optimizes Energy and Water Consumption

The Simulis Pinch software allows engineers to easily implement pinch technology to improve energy efficiency and optimize water reuse in industrial processes. Version 2.0 consists of two modules: Simulis Pinch Energy and Simulis Pinch Water. Simulis Pinch Energy uses pinch technology to propose an optimal network of heat exchangers to reduce the energy consumption of a process. Simulis Pinch Water uses the mass pinch method to optimize reuse of discharge streams to meet the water requirements of a process. The software is an add-in for Excel spreadsheets.


Platform Enables Virtual Whiteboarding


The Maple Flow platform is a digital analysis tool that replicates a physical whiteboard. It provides a virtual environment for engineers to easily brainstorm, develop, and document their calculations and analyses. Users can add equations, text, and images to a live, interactive document. The platform automatically updates calculations as users develop and refine their work.

Maplesoft, Inc.

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Safety Glove Offers Cut Resistance for High-Abrasion Applications


The SmartCut BKCR3520 is a cut-resistant glove that features a reinforced thumb crotch to enhance protection. The glove’s shell is a lightweight, 15-gauge high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) fiber that provides American National Standards Institute (ANSI) cut level A2 protection. The glove material is optimized for fit, function, and performance. A nitrile foam coating on the fingers and palm channels water, oil, and other liquids away from the surface to enable grip in wet conditions.

Brass Knuckle Safety Products

Operations and Maintenance

Pallet Load Leveler Automatically Adjusts Load Height


The PalletPal Walkie is an automatic pallet load leveler that mounts to standard electric pallet jacks and rider pallet trucks. A calibrated spring mechanism automatically adjusts the height of a pallet load as boxes are added or removed. This ensures that the top layer of the load is at a comfortable, convenient working height for employees to safely load or offload items. Platform recesses and nonskid base treads minimize the need for workers to reach across the pallet. The load leveler is suitable for any type of pallet or skid.

Southworth Products Corp.

Engineering Services

Testing Center Adds Continuous Hybrid Reactor


The Readco research and development (R&D) test center now offers testing with their continuous hybrid reactor (CHR). The CHR was developed for processing materials that are sensitive to temperature and/or oxygen, such as adhesives, sealants, and elastomers. It creates a deep vacuum that provides a high level of control over the mixing intensity, heat transfer rate, residence time, and other reaction conditions, enabling customers to perform repeatable chemical reactions and verify performance in a laboratory environment that simulates actual operating conditions. The testing may be monitored virtually on a secure, web-based platform or attended live in person at Readco’s R&D test center.

Readco Kurimoto, LLC


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