Single-Cell Proteins as Aquaculture Feed


The demand for aquaculture seafood is expected to increase to feed the growing global population. Producing this food source will require a supply of advanced protein ingredients to supplement or replace fishmeal. Single-cell proteins (SCP) could meet this need while leveraging the corn ethanol industry.

The world population is expected to reach 9.1 billion by 2050 — a 34% increase from today. As the population grows, so do income levels, giving rise to a larger middle class that will demand more high-quality, protein-rich foods. To meet this demand, annual meat production is expected to increase by 200 million tons, to reach 470 million tons by 2050 (1)...

Author Bios: 

Alon Karpol

Alon Karpol, PhD, is the General Manager of White Dog Labs (WDL) Israel, where he supervises probiotic research and development activities and regulatory aspects of WDL products (Email: He was previously the CEO of Designer Energy, which developed new tools for the hydrolysis of cellulose biomass for second-generation biofuels and biochemicals. He specializes in microbiology of anaerobic microorganisms, specifically fermentation and growth of the thermophilic and mesophilic Clostridia class. Karpol...Read more

Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones, PhD, is Vice-President of Microbiology at White Dog Labs, Inc. and oversees new strain isolation and characterization and strain engineering activities. Previously, he was a Research Scientist at Elcriton specializing in genetic tool development for clostridial species, specifically for thermophilic and acetogenic strains.

Shawn has worked in both academic and industrial environments on strain and fermentation development, metabolic engineering, microbial cell culture, and genetic engineering and served as a joint lecturer in a biochemical engineering at the University...Read more

Bryan Tracy

Bryan Tracy, Ph.D., is the CEO and co-founder of White Dog Labs, Inc. (WDL) Previously he was CEO and co-founder of Elcriton, which was acquired in 2014. Bryan is an expert in genetic engineering of bacteria and fermentation process development with many peer-reviewed academic publications.

He is also a supplemental faculty member at the University of Delaware, a technology to market consultant for the ARPA-E, founding member of the ACS GCI Biochemical Technology Leadership Roundtable, and board chair of the Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance.

Bryan received a BS in...Read more

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