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In the beginning, there were room-sized computers. Over the course of mere decades, they shrank down to bulky desktops and suitcase-sized laptops. Pagers turned into chunky mobile phones by the 1990s, and eventually phone and computer merged to become the smartphone as the world ushered in the Age of Information.

Engineering graduate students at Cornell Univ. are powering simple robots with a novel material that is both microwaveable and delicious — popcorn.

A new technique allows researchers to print 3D graphene structures with unmatched mechanical strength and stiffness.

Although the development of antibiotics has revolutionized medicine, bacterial resistance to antibiotics has recently become a significant global health issue. Once-effective drugs have been rendered useless by drug-resistant strains of bacteria.

Chemical engineers at the Univ. of Maryland (UMD) have developed a rechargeable electric car battery with unprecedented energy density (i.e., amount of charge the battery can hold).

For most people, watching an insect crawl up a wall and onto the ceiling is an unsettling experience. For a scientist, it can be downright inspirational.

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