CEP: October 2018

As part of AIChE’s Centennial celebration in 2008, leaders from industry and academia and a group of graduate students and postdocs speculated about chemical engineering 25 years in the future. In the article "Revisiting the Future of Chemical Engineering," many of the 2008 contributors reflect on their visions of the challenges and changes in chemical engineering. We also hear from some new contributors. Other topics in this issue include artficial intelligence, wet scrubbers, adsorbent regeneration, advanced process control, and how to give a great presentation.


Reflecting on the Future

Milestone years and anniversaries are occasions for many of us to reflect on the past and think about the future. This is somewhat of a milestone anniversary for AIChE — 110 years since its founding. Ten years ago, CEP celebrated AIChE’s Centennial with a series of articles about the history of the Institute and the profession and the people who were instrumental in shaping that history...

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Introduction to Deep Learning: Part 2

On The Horizon
Amit Gupta
A truly intelligent system is one that can learn on its own. This article delves into more-complex neural networks that underpin deep learning — the technology that is revolutionizing artificial intelligence.

Consider Wet Scrubbers for Pollution Control

Environmental Management
Gregory D. MacLeod, P.E.
Three main types of wet scrubbers are used in the chemical process industries (CPI) to remove contaminants from gas streams. The differences and suggested applications for each are discussed here.

Improve Regeneration of Adsorbent Beds

Reactions and Separations
Tom Lessard, P.E., Sarah Skillern
Evaluating adsorbent bed process design and regeneration procedures can provide opportunities for optimization, ultimately reducing operating costs and emissions.

Implement Advanced Process Control

Back To Basics
Keith A. Lehman
An advanced process control (APC) application is only as good as its weakest link. Ensure its stability from the ground up by building a solid foundation.

Give a Great Presentation

Career Catalyst
Robert W. Bly
You might be the one on stage, but the audience is the star of any good presentation. Follow this guidance to keep your focus on them.
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