CEP: April 2018

Learn how to better estimate the space requirements for a pilot plant to ensure adequate space is allocated. Other topics in this issue include mitigating corrosion in refineries; handling hazardous waste; designing hoppers, bins, and silos; safely unloading and conveying combustible dusts.


Our Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call

A Google search for “cybersecurity wake-up call” turns up more than 2 million hits; adding “industrial controls systems” narrows the search to a bit under 300,000 hits. So I hesitated when I wrote that headline, because I don’t want to come across as crying wolf. But it truly does convey the message I want to get across...

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Best Practices for Pilot Plant Layout

Process Development
Richard Palluzi
Follow these recommendations to ensure your pilot plant has sufficient space to achieve your research and development goals.

Implement an Effective Corrosion Mitigation Program

Plant Operations
Tim Olsen
As opportunity crude usage increases, unexpected corrosion has become a major issue in piping and process units. Corrosion monitoring is a crucial part of maintaining the operational integrity of a refinery.

Handle Hazardous Waste Safely

Back To Basics
Delmar Morrison, Michael C. Stern, P.E., Carmen H. Osorio-Amado
Hazardous-waste disposal presents unique challenges. An analysis of several incidents highlights the importance of properly characterizing waste prior to processing.

Designing Hoppers, Bins, and Silos for Reliable Flow

Fluids and Solids Handling
Greg Mehos, Mike Eggleston, Shawn Grenier, Christopher Malanga, Grishma Shrestha, Tristan Trautman
Follow a guided approach to measure solids properties, choose bin shapes, and calculate hopper angles and outlet sizes for effective storage and use.

Safely Unload and Convey Combustible Dusts

Abhi Bhargava
Dust explosions are a major hazard of unloading and conveying operations. Protect your facility from explosions with venting panels, flameless venting systems, and chemical suppression systems.
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