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New Products: December 2017


Operations and Maintenance

Device Communicator Connects Field Device Data with Asset Management Tools


Enhancements to the AMS Trex handheld communicator automatically synchronize field data with the AMS device manager database, enabling maintenance and operations personnel to make informed decisions on whether to repair or replace field devices. This ability enhances data accuracy and provides an accurate audit trail for compliance and analysis requirements. The audit trail simplifies troubleshooting by indicating the time, location, and type of change. For field devices that are located far from the asset database server or are without wifi, changes are cached locally on the communicator and uploaded as soon as the handheld tool connects with the server, either wirelessly or via a USB connection.



Water-Based Cleaner and Degreaser Removes Dirt from a Variety of Surfaces

AquaBlue alkaline detergent is an all-purpose cleansing agent that can replace specialty cleaners in many applications. With superior penetrating and wetting properties, it eradicates dirt, oil, grease, sulfurized cutting oils, and metalworking fluids from a variety of surfaces, including ferrous, stainless, aluminum, and zinc alloys. It can be applied with a pressure washer as a spray, used in foaming or gelling applications, and as a soak. It is suitable as a general cleanser in food and beverage plants, and can be used with steam or mechanical cleaning devices. It is noncaustic and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Madison Chemical


Pneumatic Cover Enables Safe Access to Fluid-Bed Dryer Interiors

An optional pneumatic cover for a line of fluid-bed dryers allows easy access for cleaning and inspection. The cover lift eliminates the need for an on-site overhead crane. It is available on fine-particle drying systems that feature an integral baghouse dust collector set atop the drying zone. The cover lift automatically raises the dryer cover at the push of a button to allow one person to roll the dryer forward on rails from under the dust collector, making the interior fully accessible.



Portable Printer Streamlines Labeling Jobs

The Epson Labelworks PX LW-PX400 portable industrial label and wire-marking printer creates labels and markers through Bluetooth or universal serial bus (USB) connection. The compact and lightweight device uses iLabel and Datacom apps for iOS and Android mobile devices or the Label Editor Professional software for PC. Label Editor Lite software is available for Mac computers. Preloaded templates from selected hardware manufacturers simplify fitting data into different sized panels. The iLabel app includes industrial graphics, photo import, speech-to-text recognition, and date-time stamp. The device prints wirelessly when powered by six AA batteries, or with an included AC adapter.



Environmental, Health, and Safety

Catalyst Removes Formaldehyde from Indoor Environments

Formaldehyde is a common indoor pollutant that can irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs. Formaldpure is a catalyst formulated to rapidly remove formaldehyde at room temperature. It has a high conversion efficiency and maintains a high level of performance. It boasts a long effective service life, which can reduce the cost associated with frequent filter changes. It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes and is easily customized for various purifier designs; heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems; and other types of ventilation and air handling units.


Inspection-and-Repair Program Eases Maintenance of Gas Analyzers

The Fast-N-Easy customer service program simplifies and lowers the cost of repair and inspection of Landtec fixed gas analyzers. Customers request a return authorization from the manufacturer and are sent a quote for a flat repair fee (based on the analyzer model). Upon issuing the purchase order for the fee, the customer receives a loaner analyzer that can be swapped with the original unit during servicing. The repaired analyzer is then sent back to the customer and the loaner can be exchanged. The flat fee includes a water-trap kit and covers 90% of typical repairs.

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems


Thermal Flowmeter Improves Air/Gas Flow Measurement in Large-Diameter Pipes

The ST102A thermal flowmeter provides reliable stack environmental emissions monitoring and reporting. Designed for flow measurement in round pipes or stacks, it is suitable for dual-point sensing, resists clogging, and has no moving parts. It operates over a 100:1 turndown ratio and is compatible in processes operating at up to 850°F (454°C). The transmitter interfaces with any distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. A large LCD screen provides both analog and digital displays of flowrate, temperature, and totalized flow, as well as bar graphs or strip charts of flowrates, alarm conditions, and instrument health and calibration diagnostics.

Fluid Components International



Compact Corrosion-Resistant Dosing Valve Can Surpass Two Million Cycles

The 604/605 pneumatically activated dosing valve performs in highly corrosive dosing applications, as well as open/close functions, and is designed and tested to surpass two million cycles. It includes minimal metal parts to extend its service life beyond that of low-cost conventional solenoid valves, and it is less expensive than high-end corrosion-resistant solenoid valves. The 0.5-in. (D20) valve is available in body materials of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), PROGEF standard polypropylene (PP), and SYGEF standard polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), with a wide variety of end connections and custom assemblies. It is pressure rated at 90 psi unidirectional with operating temperatures of –4°F to 284°F, depending on the body material. A threaded bonnet eliminates the need for metal body bolts and retorquing after hot-line shutdowns. Oversized pneumatic ports decrease cycle time to maintain accurate dosing with minimal overrun. It has a small footprint and costs less than standard pneumatic diaphragm valves.

GF Piping Systems


Protocol Expands Flow and Pressure Instrument Integration into Process Control Schemes

A communication protocol option for a line of mass flow, pressure, and liquid instruments allows the instruments to connect via an ethernet cable to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) running the Modbus transmission control protocol/industrial protocol (TCP/IP). All of the instruments’ data, including mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, temperature, selected gas calibration, setpoint, and totalized flow can be sent to the PLC, which is now available in a Modbus intranet or internet environment. In addition to the latest option, the instruments are compatible with Modbus remote terminal unit (RTU), ethernet/industrial protocol (IP), DeviceNet, and PROFIBUS communication protocol options.

Alicat Scientific


Analyzer Measures Total Phosphorous Quickly and Accurately

Phosphorous monitoring of industrial wastewater inlet and outlet streams often requires a technician to pull a sample manually and take it to a lab for analysis. The Liquiline CA80TP analyzer measures phosphorous inline. It has the same accuracy as a lab analyzer but takes less time. The unit uses a thermal digestion technique with colorimetric analysis, and requires only a small quantity of reagents. It measures phosphorus in ranges of 0.05–10 mg/L or 5–50 mg/L. Two 4–20-mA outputs transmit the phosphorus measurement values; and optional Modbus RS-485, Modbus transmission control protocol (TCP), and ethernet/industrial protocol (IP) outputs can transmit the process variable status and diagnostic information.



Electromagnetic Flowmeter Provides Reliable Wastewater Measurements

The Tidalflux 2300 F electromagnetic flowmeter measures flow in pipes that are 10–100% full, and features a non-contact sensor that is unaffected by oils and fats. It is suitable for industrial wastewater transport applications and can also be used to measure effluent brine from dredging, mining, and seawater and well-water injection applications. It is suitable for use in the presence of hydrogen sulfide, and replaces open-channel measurements with inline closed measurement technology that provides a safe and clean working environment. Available in diameters to fit pipes up to 64 in., the unit resists chemicals and abrasion and meets Atmosphere Explosibles (ATEX) Zone 1 recommendations for use in hazardous environments. The unit is shipped wet calibrated and does not require calibration. The meter’s accuracy in partially filled pipes is less than 1% of full scale, and in full pipes, is less than 1% of the measured value.


Turbine Flowmeter Integrates with Wireless Flow Control System

TW Series turbine flowmeters are accurate to ±1% or better of reading and provide 0.1% repeatable measurements of oils, water, and some chemicals. They easily integrate with the SignalFire flow totalizer as part of a wireless flow control system that measures, locally displays, and transmits intelligent flow data to a gateway for remote monitoring and control. The units measure flows of 0.6–5000 gpm, and operate with working pressures up to 5,000 psi and fluid temperatures from –150°F to 350°F. They are constructed of Type 316 stainless steel and include a tungsten carbine rotor shaft.

AW Lake



Asset Management System Independently Monitors Intelligent Field Devices

Version 2.0 of the Simatic process device manager (PDM) maintenance station software monitors the status of intelligent field devices independently of the automation or control system. The system can be used wherever intelligent field devices are in operation, including in small- or medium-sized hybrid or biogas processes and wastewater-treatment plants. The software reads diagnostic, parameter, and status data cyclically and presents it in a clear format. The system monitors up to 500 field devices, and can combine several PDM maintenance stations within one plant. It is based on User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries (NAMUR) recommendations NE 105 for fieldbus integration, NE 107 for diagnostic status evaluation of field devices, and NE 129 for general functionality of the device measurement station.



Latest Version Includes Maintenance and Asset Management Tools

FastMaint Version 9 computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) handles universal unplanned maintenance tasks, reports for equipment downtime, maintenance parts inventory, and asset retirement. The software manages equipment, facilities, and inventory, and maintains supplier records for ordering spare parts and equipment. It automatically logs activities based on dates, meter readings, emergency conditions, or any criteria that the maintenance planner specifies. Four editions are available: The basic and standard editions are designed for single users and support tracking of assets, parts, and vendors; the professional and Web editions support multiple users simultaneously and allow maintenance administrators to receive and respond to maintenance requests.


Software Extension Expands Data Collection Capabilities of Field Service Tasks

Collecting forms can cause major delays in field servicing. The Forms extension enhances data collection and workflow capabilities for FieldAware field service software. It enables digital forms that can bridge the gap between data collection in the field and the back office. Once a job is created and dispatched to a technician’s mobile device, any forms associated with the job are synched as well. Field technicians can input data, including text, dates, times, attachments, geographic locations, and barcodes. The job data automatically updates with the collected form data, keeping the forms consistent with the mobile workflow. The forms can be pushed to any integrated customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), or accounting platform, ensuring that the data is consistent and complete across all systems.




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