CEP: December 2017

This month's cover story presents an order-of-magnitude correlation for estimating the capital investment required for a shale-gas monetization plant. Other topics in this issue include optimize heat transfer in agitated vessels; process safety in batch tolling; become a better listener; the Philippine chemical industry; and RAPID Institute announces first 25 projects.


Obligations Can Be Opportunities

My conscience nags me when I don’t call my mom back. It forms a knot in my chest when I owe my friend for lunch. And, its nagging greets me first thing in the morning if I neglect my work. It is a constant reminder of my obligations, which require me to make decisions with others in mind...

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Estimate the Capital Cost of Shale-Gas Monetization Projects

Chi Zhang, Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi
As the number of shale-gas monetization options has increased, so has the need to develop quick, preliminary estimates of the cost of proposed projects and manufacturing pathways. This article presents a method for an order-of-magnitude cost estimation.

Ensuring Process Safety in Batch Tolling

Brenda Seggerman, P.E.
Batch tolling facilities can use process safety management techniques to meet regulatory standards and minimize risks.

Listen Up!

Career Catalyst
Bruce D. Smith, Nikki Bishop
It may seem easy, but good listening requires effort and practice. Follow these tips and learn to listen like a pro.

The Philippine Chemical Industry

Global Outlook
Jed M. Bellen
The Philippine chemical industry is highly diverse and has the potential for significant growth. Industry-government partnerships and regional cooperation can help the country to become a leading chemical exporter.
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