Website Support

AIChE provides its organizations, volunteers, and staff with a platform for deploying websites. This platform includes website hosting and a Content Management System (CMS) provided at no cost. Click the links below to learn more.

What are the benefits of using AIChE platform? Is it required?

The AIChE Entity Websites Framework is enables AIChE Local Sections, Divisions, Forums, Committees, Societies and other approved groups to not only easily create and maintain websites but also create thriving, interactive communities. The main goal of this framework is to:

  • encourage organizational entites to engage their community—their local section, division, forum, committee, or council with polls, blog posts, announcements, and events
  • enable volunteers to quickly and easily publish information without having to become an "Internet Guru"
  • achieve a basic level of branding consistency amongst AIChE websites
  • reduce total costs.

What are the costs? How much help do we get from AIChE to setup and maintain our site?

For AIChE entities, this service and solution is FREE. Note that discount providers on the web charge $48-$120/year just for hosting services, offer no support, no mechanisms for ensuring consistency and integration across different websites, and no strategy for future growth. Having said that, and while we believe that this is a good service, you should be aware of things that are NOT currently supported.

We have designed this service to minimize costs while maximizing value. Specifically, by using shared software and hardware infrastructure, per-site costs are kept low. However, due to limited staff supporting a large number of sites, “owners” are expected to build and maintain sites themselves based on this infrastructure.