The Program Committee is responsible for organizing and conducting all annual, special meetings of the Institute, and for coordinating with other technical societies in respect to joint meetings.

Program Committee

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more involved with programming?

If you would like to be more involved with programming, you can contact and let AIChE staff know of your subject-area interests, along with the role you are interested in serving in. Alternatively, you can review the various Divisions/Forums webpages and contact the program chair from there.

How do I find out about session allocations?

Session allocations are first announced at the AIChE Programming Retreat at the Spring Meeting. They are also included in announcements and e-mails. If you are not sure of your allocation, please contact

What kind of sessions are included under the session allocation?

Unless otherwise specified, all oral sessions, including honorary sessions, plenary sessions, and other invited talks, are counted toward the session allocations.

There are two types of sessions that are not counted as part of the allocations: 1) poster sessions and 2) sessions for which a group is not the primary sponsor (co-sponsored sessions).

What is the best way to make the most of our allocations?

There are a number of ways to approach utilizing your allocation. Depending on your Division/Forum, there may be a number of recurring sessions which generate interest or up and coming topics which should be addressed. The best way to use your allocations is to engage your membership to address the most interesting and important topics of the time.

What should we consider to stay within the limits?

Please consider that the allocations exist due to the limit in space and time of the meetings, sometimes it is not feasible or even possible to provide all the sessions that the Divisions/Forums request. The best approach is to decide on sessions based on past attendance, interest and abstract submission, and importance to Division/Forum. In many cases, invited speakers and industrial speakers are high value targets for arranging well attended sessions and generating interest for a program track.

Any best practices for co-sponsoring with other areas? With international communities? Guest chairs/co-chairs?

For co-sponsoring with other areas, it's best to view the programming that they've held in the past and to judge whether a co-sponsored session or track would be mutually beneficial. This is especially important for similar topics that may overlap between areas, to avoid redundant programming and conflicting sessions. Reaching out early and establishing the blueprints for collaboration are essential to co-sponsoring programming. Please refer to the collaborating and co-sponsoring page here.

Any rule of thumb for selecting session chairs? Limits on term?

There is no established limit on terms for session chairs, but it is good to allow all those interested the opportunity to chairs/co-chair a session. Generally, session chair selection should depend on membership interest and often members that are interested in chairing a session may not know how to start. Make sure to reach out and select those chairs who show engagement in programming as well as sufficient knwoledge in the field, as timing is very important to keep the program on track for the meeting.

Are there any best practices for communicating within programming groups?

Generally, as the chairs and co-chairs within the groups rotate from year to year, it would be good practice to keep a file or excel sheet of all chairs for reference. You will also be able to send out mail to your group/area through Confex once meeting access has been granted.

To communicate outside, you can see EBPC leadership, MPCs and program chairs at, here.