Membership Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Division/Forum membership list?

To get a copy of the membership list, please contact the staff liaison to the Division/Forum to put in a request.

Who do I contact to send out emails to Division/Forum members?

Please contact Diane Cappiella. If Diane is unavailable, contact the Division/Forum staff liaison. 

Can we send emails to sub-groups within Divisions/Forums (e.g., students, industry, academia, YPs)?

Emails can be sent to select subgroups, such as students and YPs, fairly easily. Other subgroups, such as academia and industry, require more time to segment. As a general rule of thumb, if there is a member category, then AIChE can easily send out targeted emails to any of these select groups.

Is there a charge associated with sending out the emails?

There is no cost associated with sending out emails. However, AIChE asks that Divisions/Forums do not use emails excessively to communicate with its membership. A good rule of thumb is to send out emails no more than once a month (e.g., monthly newsletter).

What are typical subjects needed to be communicated with members?

Typical subjects that are communicated to members include a reminder to vote in Division/Forum election, renew membership in the Division/Forum, and submit abstracts for various AIChE conferences. Some Divisions/Forums send out monthly newsletters that highlight the Division/Forum’s activities.

Do we need to publish Division/Forum Executive Committee minutes to members?

There is no requirement for Divisions/Forums to publish Executive Committee minutes.

What is the typical frequency of communication with the members of Divisions and Forums?

Frequency of communication varies among the many Divisions/Forums. Some have a monthly newsletter, while others have quarterly ones. Some have no newsletters at all. There are also occasional announcements such as a Division/Forum trying to promote their programming at AIChE events. All Divisions/Forums run their elections through AIChE. 

What is the best form to communicate with members of Divisions and Forums? Email, newsletter, other? Should students have different channels of communication (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, SnapChat)?

The best practice is to ask your membership what they'd like and what they prefer. This will vary by members and evolvles over time as membership grows/changes.

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