What's Not Supported?

Custom Website Addresses

Your website’s address will be in the[name-of-entity] format (e.g. or Short urls like can be created for marketing purposes. At this time, we are unable to support arbitrary domain names (e.g. in general.

Mailboxes and Aliases

At this time AIChE is unable to provide generic mailboxes corresponding to your website’s address. Until such capability is available, if necessary, we can issue one email aliases (forwarding addresses) in the format (not These email addresses will just forward emails to mailboxes designated by you and do not have features such as SPAM filtering, etc. Alternatively, you can use 3rd party email services or your own email addresses.

Broadcast E-mails

We recommend using

Highly Structured System

Note that: 

  • The system is highly structured: there are standard “slots” for the logo, banner, navigation menu, etc. Similarly, the homepage has slots for ‘Announcements’, ‘Events’, and other posts.
  • The system aims to automate routine web work: e.g. “Announcements” will automatically disappear after specified expiry-dates, “Events” will automatically move from ‘Upcoming’ to ‘Past’, etc.
  • The system automatically includes a bunch of related content from the main website: Awards (from the AIChE Awards database), List of Members & Leaders (from the AIChE member database), and related Videos (from ChemE On Demand). This has the advantage of avoiding discrepancies between websites.

No Custom Programing

  • Your designated entity webmaster will not have access to low-level programming capabilities: the framework provides a growing number of click-&-configure features to meet common needs without any programming. The framework aims to empower ChemE-focused stakeholders to publish content without requiring knowledge of HTML, CSS, scripting, database configuration, etc. It also aims to reduce reliance on specially-skilled volunteers.
  • Your designated entity webmaster will not have the ability to install custom software. While hosting is included in the solution, the offering is not a “hosting”-solution. If the need for a new software solution arises, we will work with you and other webmasters to see if it is a shared requirement; if warranted and cost effective, we will extend the framework to meet the need for the benefit of all.
  • Although we sometimes help build advanced "custom" websites on top of this framework (the K-12 website, with its multiple "structured search" forms is a good example), given our limited resources such custom development is difficult to scale across many websites. As such, the general principle and hope is that most websites will leverage the (many) features of the framework, and preference will be given to adding new capabilities that can be used broadly (by all sites) rather than specially for one site.

No Data Entry Services

The offering does not include data entry services. Your designated entity webmaster(s) and other volunteers are expected to populate and maintain content. If you have an existing site, it cannot be automatically copied as-is to new environment; any existing content will have to be manually copied over by your designated webmaster. Additionally, since we do not control your old site, redirecting the old/existing domain names to the new site’s address is your responsibility.

No Built-in Payment System

  • The offering does not include a payment service. You will have to select a simple-payment service (e.g. Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, etc.) and establish an account with them in your organization’s name.
  • At the time of writing this document, the framework has been tested with PayPal’s “Website Payment Standard” service (used by Puget Sound Local Section) and Authorize.NET (used by STS Local Section). Please check with AIChE websupport before committing to use other services.
  • Please check with AIChE Finance department to confirm the propriety of setting up your own accounts for receiving payments.

Well, that all for the bad news!

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