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About CHS

Founded in 2019 the Center for Hydrogen Safety exists to help usher the world into the next energy transition by working to ensure the safe implementation of hydrogen across the globe. We are a global non-profit dedicated to promoting hydrogen safety and best practices worldwide. 


A world making safe use of hydrogen.

Our vision is for those using hydrogen worldwide, whether through its use in fertilizer production, generator cooling, as an alternative energy source, or any other use, to do so safely. 


Educate workers on the safe design, maintenance, and use of hydrogen systems.

We offer webinars, eLearning, best practices, and conferences in order to help educate workers in the safe handling of hydrogen and the safe design and use of hydrogen systems.

Provide hydrogen safety information, guidance and expertise to workers, governments, and the general public.

We provide freely available hydrogen safety information, free webinars, and low cost eLearning courses in order to help inform public officials, government entities, and workers about industry best practices and lessons learned.

Help the industry avoid safety incidents and establish confidence by providing expert feedback on hydrogen projects worldwide.

Through the Hydrogen Safety Panel (HSP) we offer objective, non-regulatory, and neutral advice to companies designing, building, operating and maintaining hydrogen systems in order to help them avoid incidents, reduce costs, establish public and stakeholder confidence, and provide a balanced solution to questions and problems.

Train researchers and first-responders to be safe while working with or around hydrogen.

We train first-responders to be safe while responding to incidents involving hydrogen by providing freely available hydrogen safety information, offering in person training, use of hydrogen props, free first-responder focused eLearning courses, and train the trainer content. We train researchers in hydrogen lab safety by offering a free lab focused eLearning course, low-cost eLearning content, and freely available hydrogen safety information.

Connect hydrogen industry members in order to create a space for knowledge sharing.

We create opportunity for the industry to connect and share knowledge on hydrogen safety topics through working groups, webinars, member meetings, conferences, and workshops.

CHS By-Laws

You can read the CHS by-laws here. 

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