AIChE Communities Celebrating Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC)

The mission of the SIOC is to advance the chemical engineering profession worldwide by fostering a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and respectful environment for the free participation, development, and enrichment of all members of the profession; strengthening our alliances with industry, academia, government, and other professional organizations to accelerate our collective progress on common goals and societal initiatives; promoting technical literacy through education and outreach and encouraging meaningful and constructive discourse with the public; inspiring and enabling chemical

Women in Chemical Engineering (WIC) 

WIC provides leadership for promoting the entry, development, and full participation of women in the Institute and the profession.

The message of WIC is yes you can. You can be successful, you can succeed in chemical engineering and you can be a leader.

Minority Affairs Committee (MAC)

The Minority Affairs Committee promotes activities that encourage the education and training of underrepresented communities in engineering and related disciplines; fosters the employment of minorities at all levels of skills within the engineering field; encourages minority entrepreneurship; and directs the expertise of engineers to the solution of special social and economic problems faced by the such minorities.

Receiving the MAC scholarship helped me to realize that the sky is not a limit but a stepping stone into space where I can be all that I can be.
Abidemi Awojuyigbe, Prairie View A&M University
The continued support of AIChE to encourage the chemical engineering community as a whole to become more inclusive of LGBTQ+ professionals and their allies will continue to make our profession even stronger.
Tony Butterfield, University of Utah

Disabilities OutReach & Inclusion Community (DORIC)

DORIC aims to  raise awareness, provide resources and services,  create opportunities networking and support for chemical engineers with disabilities and their allies.

The mission of Doric is to make sure that those in the profession with disabilities are recognized for their capabilities. It’s a combination of support and advocacy to provide services in need and to normalize people with disabilities.
Christopher Pope, Independent researcher/consultant, Chemical Engineering

An IDEAL Path to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Learn about how the IDEAL Path concept aims to give an equal opportunity to all who wish to join the chemical engineering community. Learn more.

The K-12 Community

The AIChE K-12 Community aims to increase interest, awareness, and excitement for science and engineering in K-12 students and prepare future engineering students and professionals to creatively solve technical challenges in an ethical, environmentally responsible, and socially conscious way.

The AIChE K-12 initiative is really important to me because growing up I went to K-12 events and they got me interested in science and ultimately engineering, and gave me access to mentors and role models.