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Technical Entity Trends: Welcome to the TENT

Technical Entity Trends
Lucy Alexander, Derrick Wu
Welcome to Technical Entity Trends (TENT), a new monthly CEP column written by the staff of AIChE’s Technical Entities (TEs). The TEs are communities of chemical engineers and other professionals that address some of society’s grand challenges:...

CEP: News Update

News Update
Hybrid Material Delivers a One-Two Punch Gold and palladium are both valuable metals, for different reasons. Palladium is known for its catalytic ability, and gold for its plasmonic properties. Bifunctional Catalyst Upgrades Ethanol to Butanol...

SBE Special Section: Biopharmaceuticals - Continuous Processing in Downstream Operations

SBE Special Section
Todd Przybycien, Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker
The transition from batch to continuous downstream processing of biologics has been gradual, with some processes integrating continuous and batch operations. A fully continuous, commercial-scale downstream process has yet to be implemented. Find out why, as well as the current status of the technology.