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Start an SBE Student Chapter

Why Develop and Join a Chapter?

  1. Meet other individuals with similar interest-biological engineering. These people may become your co-workers and/or life-long friends.
  2. Learn more about biological engineering outside the classroom. Discover what opportunities await after graduation.
  3. Have an outlet to exercise leadership experience within your own field of study.
  4. Develop relationships with faculty members, people from industry, government, and even other universities.
  5. Participate in events held at the local (that's your chapter!) and national level.
  6. Have fun and enjoy camaraderie.

How to Form a Chapter

To form a chapter you would need to email Please include the following information:

  • A brief explanation of why chapter-status is being sought
  • An indication of acceptance of the Chapter Bylaws and Constitution or a draft of proposed changes to the bylaws
  • The names and signatures of the chapter's president, Student Chapter Representative (SCR), and faculty sponsor

The letter of application will be reviewed internally at SBE.

Getting Off on the "Right" Foot

  • Most universities have their own policies and requirements for becoming an official student organization.  Do not forget to find out what they are for your campus.  They may require a copy of your accepted Bylaws and a Constitution.  It should be OK for you to submit the National Constitution for this purpose.
  • If you develop an interesting and involving program it will help to make having a University Chapter a fun and memorable experience.  In addition to the regular business meetings, you may want to have social gatherings.  For meeting ideas click here
  • Do not forget to hold office elections. This is a democracy!

The SBE website and e-newsletters are a key means of communication between you and your parent society.  In most cases it will provide answers to your questions and concerns and keep you current on what is going on within SBE.

Current AIChE Chapters

Watch a webinar on "How to Effectively Balance an AIChE/SBE Student Chapter"