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SBE Student Chapter Benefits & Requirements

Benefits of Belonging to SBE as a Student Member:

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • On-line employment resources
  • Student Poster Competitions at local and international levels
  • Opportunities to publish your research in SBE's peer-reviewed magazine, Biotechnology Progress, or AIChE Journal
  • Discounts to SBE programs and events
  • Free monthly newsletter providing up to date news on biological engineering
  • Subscription to the bi-semiannual SBE BioSupplements to Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP)
  • 24/7 access to SBE's on-line Membership Directory
  • On-line community via LinkedIn.
  • Free access to SBE monthly webinar series

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Requirements of an SBE Student Chapter:

Each chapter assists in promoting membership in SBE and the furtherance of the SBE mission, in accordance with SBE policy.

  1. Be an organization in which the majority of members are students at the University.
  2. Maintain at least six members in SBE.
  3. Have membership open to any discipline, program, or department of the University.
  4. Develop and submit bylaws that are specific to the chapters needs and wishes. Of course, they must meet the approval of SBE.

Each chapter selects:

  • One of its members to serve as chapter president
  • One of its members — president or otherwise — to serve as its Student Chapter Representative (SCR) to SBE

The student chapter must comply with all rules and regulations for student organizations of the academic institution. Any conflicts of these with SBE guidelines will be handled by SBE on an individual basis.

The Board of Sponsors should be comprised of one faculty member, who will serve as faculty advisor of the student chapter.

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Meeting Ideas:

SBE Student Chapter meetings should be fun.  With that in mind, several ideas that can engage members include:

  • Bring in guest speakers from local Biotech companies, your University, other universities, or government agencies.  If you need a list, contact
  • SBE Managing and Advisory Board Members are excellent speakers.  To get their contact information, email us at
  • Organize social events such as a "Meet the New Members" party in the beginning of the school year, a holiday party, or a spring picnic.
  • Work to organize joint meetings with AIChE Student Chapters or other campus organizations.
  • Tour local biotech companies or local university labs. 
  • Hold a "Biological Engineering Open House" for elementary, middle and secondary school students.

Hold a job fair of local companies interested in hiring biological engineers or biologists.

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