2019 Metabolic Engineering Summit

October 20-22, 2019
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The international ME-conference is the premier conference for the field bringing together leading experts, scientists, and students from industry, the government and academia to present and discuss cutting edge research. 

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George Chen Announced Recipient of Xueming Zhao Lectureship Award in Metabolic Engineering

The Xueming Zhao Lectureship Award is given to a prominent Chinese researcher in the field of metabolic engineering every second year in connection with the Metabolic Engineering Summit held in China. This honor serves to continue the leadership of Xueming Zhao, one of the pioneers in the introduction of metabolic engineering in China. He led seminars, conferences, initiated the first course on metabolic engineering and published several books in Chinese on the topic, educating many current academics and establishing the field as a scientific discipline in China.

The 2019 recipient of this prestigious award is George Chen. Dr. Chen is a professor at Tsinghua University, and has actively been researching microbial materials polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) metabolic engineering and PHA biomaterials applications since 1986. He will receive a plaque and give a talk at the Metabolic Engineering Summit.