Pathway Scale Engineering | AIChE

This session will focus on the engineering of multiple parts/protein components that act together in a biological complex; focusing primarily on the engineering of metabolic pathways. Presentations will include both new technologies and new applications.

Session Chairs

  • Michelle Chang, UC Berkeley
  • George Chen, Tsinghua University
  • John Dueber, UC Berkeley


  • Engineering Organisms and Processes for Cost-Effective Lipid Production- Greg Stephanopoulos, MIT
  • Pathway Engineering Meets Evolution: New Approaches for Improving Pentose Catabolism in Yeast- Hal Alper, University of Texas at Austin
  • Rewriting Pathways to Life for Carbon Conservation- Jim Liao, UCLA
  • Engineering Static and Dynamic Tuning of Malonyl-CoA Derived Metabolite Biosynthesis in Microorganisms- Mattheos Koffas, RPI
  • Novel Biosynthetic Pathways for Production of Acids and Alcohols- Kristala Jones Prather, MIT