Parts to Protein Scale Engineering | AIChE

Parts to Protein Scale Engineering

This session will focus on the engineering of the smallest of biological systems, ranging from proteins down to even shorter DNA constructs such as promoters, terminators, active sites, etc. Presentations will include studies both on new technology developments as well as newly enabled applications in metabolic engineering.

Session Chairs

  • Timothy Lu, MIT
  • Fernando Valle, Codexis


  • New Enzymes by Evolution: Expanding Nature’s Catalytic Repertoire- Frances Arnold, Caltech
  • Synthetic Enzymes for Synthetic Biology- Alexandre Zanghellini, Arzeda
  • In Vivo Evolution of Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways for the Production of Chemicals- Philippe Soucaille, University of Toulouse
  • Development of Adaptable Synthetic Promoters to Optimize Protein Scale Engineering in Yeast- Ian Fotheringham, Ingenza Ltd.
  • Protein Engineering of Isoprene Synthase Enables High Titer Isoprene Production- Maggie Cervin, E.I. du Pont de Nemours