Metabolic Engineering Applications to Impact Health | AIChE

Metabolic Engineering Applications to Impact Health

This session will explore the latest efforts to metabolically engineer organisms for commercial applications involving human health. 

Session Chairs

  • Christian Metallo, UC San Diego
  • Nicola Zamboni, ETH


  • Prosthetic Networks – Synthetic Biology-Inspired Treatment Strategies For Metabolic Disorders- Martin Fussenegger, ETH
  • Ovarian Cancer Metabolism: Systems-Scale Dynamics as a Platform for Identifying Therapeutic Targets- Mark Styczynski, Georgia Tech
  • Metabolic Strategies to Enhance the Toxicity of Nitric Oxide in Pathogens- Mark Brynildsen, Princeton University
  • Prediction and Quantification of Bioactive Microbiota Metabolites in Murine Gut- Kyongbum Lee, Tufts University
  • The Gene Regulatory Network of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, v1.0- David Sherman, University of MIchigan