Emerging Technologies | AIChE

This session will describe new technologies that are expected to have a substantial impact in the field of metabolic engineering. Emphasis will be placed on new technologies for designing, constructing, and testing engineering cells. 

Session Chairs

  • Emily Leproust, Twist Biosciences


  • Expression of Heterologous Sigma Factors in Escherichia coli to Explore the Heterologous Genomic Space for Building, Stepwise, Complex, Multicomponent Phenotypes- Eleftherios 'Terry' Papoutsakis, University of Delaware
  • Robust Technology for Antibiotics-Free Contamination Resistance- A. Joe Shaw, Novogy
  • Establishing Cell-Free Metabolic Engineering for Pathway Debugging and the Production of Sustainable Chemicals- Michael Jewett, Northwestern University
  • High Throughput Screening of Antibody Secretion in CHO Cells Using Split-GFP and Droplet Microfluidics- Johan Rockberg, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology
  • Transforming Yeast from Moonshiners into Oil Barons: Lessons from the Industrialization of Metabolic Engineering- Sunil Chandran, Amyris