Computational Methods and Design | AIChE

Computational Methods and Design

This session will include presentations on the latest advances in computational methods for designing, building, and testing biological systems relevant to metabolic engineering applications. 

Session Chairs

  • Anthony Burgard, Genomatica
  • Costas Maranas, Penn State University


  • Integration of in silico Design and Experimental Evaluation for Creation of Microbial Cell Factories- Hiroshi Shimizu, Osaka University
  • Fast Enumeration of Smallest Metabolic Engineering Strategies in Genome-Scale Networks- Steffen Klamt, Max Planck Institute
  • Mapping Photoautotrophic Carbon Metabolish Using the INCA 13C Flux Analysis Platform- Jamey Young, Vanderbilt University
  • An Integrated Multi-Omics and Computational Characterization of Seven Unique Escherichia coli Production Chassis Commonly-Used in Industrial Biotechnology- Adam Feist, UC San Diego/Technical University of Denmark