Computational Methods and Design | AIChE

This session will include presentations on the latest advances in computational methods for designing, building, and testing biological systems relevant to metabolic engineering applications. 

Session Chairs

  • Anthony Burgard, Genomatica
  • Costas Maranas, Penn State University


  • Integration of in silico Design and Experimental Evaluation for Creation of Microbial Cell Factories- Hiroshi Shimizu, Osaka University
  • Fast Enumeration of Smallest Metabolic Engineering Strategies in Genome-Scale Networks- Steffen Klamt, Max Planck Institute
  • Mapping Photoautotrophic Carbon Metabolish Using the INCA 13C Flux Analysis Platform- Jamey Young, Vanderbilt University
  • An Integrated Multi-Omics and Computational Characterization of Seven Unique Escherichia coli Production Chassis Commonly-Used in Industrial Biotechnology- Adam Feist, UC San Diego/Technical University of Denmark