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Technical Program

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. Last updated 12.4.18



Wednesday, December 5th, Day 1

7:30AM-12:00PM Registration
8:00-9:00AM Morning Coffee
9:00-9:15AM Opening Remarks
9:15-10:00AM Keynote Speaker: Development of Stem-Cell Derived, Islet Replacement for Type 1 Diabetes— Alan Agulnick, Viacyte Inc.
10:00-12:15PM Session 1:  Disease Modelling
  Session Chair: Randy Ashton, University of Wisconsin
10:00-10:30AM Invited Speaker: Human Organs Chips for Drug Development, Disease Modeling, and More— Kevin Healy, University of California Berkeley
10:30-11:00AM Morning Break
11:00-11:30AM Invited Speaker: Improving Cardiovascular "Diseases-in-a-Dish" with Complex Materials— Adam J. Engler, University of California San Diego
11:30-11:45AM Development and Characterization of Brain Region-Specific Organoids from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modelling of Rett Syndrome— Maria Margarida Diogo, Universidade de Lisboa
11:45AM-12:00PM Balancing Dynamic Tradeoffs to Drive Cellular Reprogramming— Kate E. Galloway, University of Southern California
12:00-12:15PM Direct Reprogramming of Glioblastoma Cells into Neurons Using Small Molecules— Chris Lee, Univeristy of Victoria
12:15-1:45PM Lunch
1:45-3:30PM Session 2: Organoid Engineering
  Session Chair: Adam Engler, University of California San Diego
1:45-2:15PM Invited Speaker: Engineering the Culture Microenvironment to Control CNS Organoid Morphogenesis— Randy Ashton, University of Wisconsin
2:15-2:45PM Invited Speaker: Genetically Supervised Engineering to Guide Maturation of Human Organoids Ex Vivo— Mo Ebrahimkhani, Arizona State University
2:45-3:00PM Engineering Stem Cell Spheroids to Rescue Muscular Denervation Atrophy— LeeAnn Li, University of California Los Angeles
3:00-3:15PM Transport Limitations in Spherical Human Gut Organoids— Barkan Sidar, Montana State University
3:15-3:30PM Efficient Controlled Generation of Human Organoids for Hepatic Cell Therapy— Giuseppe Pettinato, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
3:30-4:00PM Afternoon Coffee
4:00-5:00PM Session 3: 3D Printing
  Session Chair: Mo Ebrahimkhani, Arizona State University
4:00-4:30PM Invited Speaker: Rebuilding the Heart Using FRESH 3D Bioprinting— Adam W. Feinberg, Carnegie Mellon University
4:30-5:00PM Invited Speaker: Bioprinting a Novel Combination of Drug Releasing Microspheres and hiPSC-Derived Neural Progenitors to Generate Neural Tissues for Drug Screening Applications— Stephanie Willerth, University of Victoria

Thursday, December 6th, Day 2

8:00AM-12:00PM Registration
8:00-9:00AM Morning Coffee
9:00-9:15AM Opening Remarks
9:15-10:00AM Keynote Speaker: Cerebral Organoids:Modelling Human Brain Development and Tumorigenesis in Stem Cell Derived 3D Culture— Juergen Knoblich, Instutite of Molecular Biotechnology
10:00-11:30AM Session 4: Differentiation and Morphogenesis Part 1
  Session Chair: Nicola Elvassore, University of Padova
10:00-10:30AM Invited Speaker: Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes as Models for the Mechanobiology of Cardiomyopathy at the Single Cell Level— Alison Schroer, University of California Santa Barbara
10:30-11:00AM Morning Break
11:00-11:15AM Cardiac and Pancreatic Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Under Chemically Defined and Growth-Factor-Free Conditions— Xiaojun Lian, Pennsylvania State University
11:15-11:30AM Cell Fate - Links to Membrane Capacitance and Cell Surface Glycosylation— Lisa A. Flanagan, University of California Irvine
11:30AM-1:15PM Lunch
1:15-2:00PM Session 5: Differentiation and Morphogenesis Part 2
  Session Chair: Tiago G. Fernandes, Universidade de Lisboa
1:15-1:30PM Engineering Cardiac Lineage Specification through Application of Low Oxygen Tension in 2D and 3D Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells— Justin Lowenthal, Johns Hopkins University
1:30-1:45PM Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Brain Pericyte-like Cells through a Neural Crest Intermediate— Sean P. Palecek, University of Wisconsin Madison
1:45-2:00PM Organogenesis on a Chip: From Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to a Functional Kidney Model— Samira Musah, Duke University
2:00-2:30PM Afternoon Coffee
2:30-4:15PM Session 6: Computation Stem Cell Biology
  Session Chair: Adam Feinberg, Carnegie Mellon University
2:30-3:00PM Invited Speaker: A Microfluidic RT-PCR Platform for Rapid and Direct Enumeration of Rare Hematopoietic Stem Cells— Jennifer Ma, University of Toronto
3:00-3:15PM Transcriptomic Analysis of 3D Cardiac Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Reveals Faster Maturation Compared to 2D Culture— Tiago G. Fernandes, Universidade de Lisboa
3:15-3:30PM Automated Cell Tracking of in Vitro morphogenesis to Predict Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Fate Decisions— David Joy, University of California San Francisco
3:30-3:45PM Boolean Network Modeling of T Cell Development Predicts Heterogeneous Single Cell Transcriptional Trajectories— Matthew Langley, University of Toronto
3:45-4:15PM Invited Speaker: Ex Vivo and In Vivo Stem Cell Commitment Towards Regenerative Therapies— Shyni Varghese, Duke University
4:15-5:30PM Poster Session Reception

Friday, December 7th, Day 3

8:00AM-12:00PM Registration
8:00-9:00AM Morning Coffee
9:00-9:15AM Opening Remarks
9:15-10:00AM Keynote Speaker: Strategies for Bioprinting Complex Cardiac Tissue Mimics— Brenda Ogle, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
10:00-11:45 AM Session 7: Towards Regenerative Therapies Part 1
  Session Chair: Stephanie Willerth, University of Victoria 
10:00 - 10:15AM Scalable and Physiologically Relevant Microenvironments for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion and Differentiation— Yuguo Leo Lei, University of Nebraska Lincoln
10:15 - 10:45AM  
10:45-11:00AM Engineering Functional Human Pancreatic Beta Cells within Cellular Aggregates— Jeffrey R. Millman, Washington University in St. Louis
11:00-11:15AM Label-Free Mouse Neural Stem Cell Sorting with a Hydrodynamic Oblique Angle Parallel Electrode Sorter (HOAPES)— Tayloria Adams, University of California Irvine
11:15-11:30AM Exploiting Surface Acoustic Waves to Study Development of Stem Cell-Derived Motor Neurons— Adele Doyle, University of California Santa Barbara
11:30 - 11:45AM Rejuvenating Aged Hematopoietic Stem Cells with Pluripotent Stem Cell Secretome— Vaishaali Natarajan, Gladstone Institutes
11:45 - 12:00 PM Closing Remarks
12:00PM -1:15PM Lunch/Lunch to go