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Poster Presenters


Poster Number Title Presenter Affiliation
1 Modeling the Blood-Nerve Barrier Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Schwann-like Cells and Endothelial Cells Benjamin D. Gastfriend University of Wisconsin-Madison
2 In Vitro Three-Dimensional Vascularized Skin Tissue Platform As a Testing Tool Youngmee Jung Korea Institute of Science and Technology
3 Closed Single Use Centrifuge (UniFuge) for Sterile Cell Collection and Concentration David R. Richardson PSangelus
4 Modeling the Effects of Yoga on the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease in a Dish Adithy Hassan University of Victoria
5 Leveraging Advances in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Toward the Development of the Cell-Cultured, 'clean Meat' Industry Elliot Swartz The Good Food Institute
6 The Effects of Astaxanthin-Encapsulated Polymeric Micelles on Proliferation and Differentiation of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Jun Zhang University of Idaho
7 The Differential Effects of Bone Repair Materials on Cell Types Under Subatmospheric Pressure Rui Wang Wake Forest University
8 The Application of Osteogenic Inducing Micrornas for Bone Tissue Engineering Sue Anne Chew University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
9 Fabrication of Polycaprolactone/Polyethylene Glycol (PCL/PEG) Blended Scaffold Using 3D Bioprinting Su A Park  Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials