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Poster Numbers

Odd-numbered posters will be presented in the poster session taking place on Wednesday, December 4th from 5:00PM - 6:30PM ET. ...

Odd-numbered posters will be presented in the poster session taking place on Wednesday, December 4th from 5:00PM - 6:30PM ET.

Even-numbered posters will be presented in the poster session taking place on Thursday, December 5th from 5:30PM - 6:30PM ET. 

Please take note of your poster number. You may set up your poster the morning of your poster session, and take it down when your session ends.

Poster Number Abstract Title First Name Last Name Affiliation
1 Ultra-Low-Cost RNA Sensors Using in-House Cell-Free Preparations Anibal Arce Pontificial Catholic University of Chile
2 Raq-Nasba: Rapid, Aptamer-Detected, Quantitative Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Amplification Lauren Aufdembrink University of Minnesota
3 Statistical Optimisation of Escherichia coli cell-Free Protein Synthesis Reaction Composition and Genetic Template Topology Alice M. Banks Newcastle University
4 Synthetic Minimal Cells: A Novel Paradigm in Drug Delivery David Benjamin Synlife Inc
5 Optimization of Transcription Factor and Bacterial Promoter-Based Biosensors in Cell-Free Systems for Defense Applications Kathryn Beabout UES, Inc.
6 Paper-Based, Cell-Free Detection of Heavy Metals for in-Field Water Quality Testing Casey B. Bernhards CCDC Chemical Biological Center (Excet, Inc.)
7 Deployment of Sensors with Cell-Free Systems Steven Blum CCDC Chemical Biological Center
8 Developments in Insulin Manufacturing Using Cell-Free Systems Shayan Borhani University of Maryland Baltimore County
9 Combining Cell-Free Protein Synthesis with Coarse Grain Simulation to Discover Optimal Locations for Pegylation Bradley C. Bundy Brigham Young University
10 Developing a Cell Free Expression System Derived from Human Primary Cells David Burgenson UMBC
11 Towards High-Throughput Physiochemical Optimization of the Vibrio Natriegens Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Platform Maria Cabezas Northwestern University
12 Development and Implementation of Metrology Standards for Mammalian Cell-Free Systems Caoimhe Canavan Imperial College London
13 Riboswitch and Transcription Factor-Based Cell-Free Biosensors for Human Performance Biomarkers Yaroslav Chushak Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine
14 Development of an in Vitro Protein Production Platform from Tobacco Chloroplasts to Facilitate Plant Engineering Lauren G. Clark Northwestern University
15 Elucidating the Extent of Endogenous Metabolic Activity in Vibrio Natriegens crude Extracts for Cell-Free Metabolic Engineering Applications Jaime Lorenzo N. Dinglasan Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee
16 Simple Cell-Free Extract for Expression of Disulfide Bonded Proteins without Addition of Exogenous Polymerase and Chaperones Jared Dopp Iowa State University
17 Antibody Reduction Mitigation during Harvest from Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Allison Dwyer Sutro Biopharma,Inc
18 A Single Cell-Free Expression Platform for Diverse Applications Evelyn Eggenstein Arbor Biosciences
19 Combining Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Synthesis with Solid-State NMR for Structural Studies of Viral Protein Auto-Assemblies Marie-Laure Fogeron Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines, MMSB, Labex Ecofect, UMR 5086 CNRS, Université de Lyon
20 Engineering Bacterial Cells Combing Bottom-Up㢠and Top-Down Approaches: E. coli Threonine Production Model Michael Fonstein Argonne national lab
21 A Systems and Synthetic Biology Approach to Engineering Cell-Free Metabolism David C. Garcia Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee
22 Development of an Extract Strain for Cell Free Manufacturing of Antibody Drug Conjugates Dan Groff Sutro Biopharma, Inc.
23 Cell-Free Genetic Devices Confer Autonomic and Adaptive Properties to Hydrogels Thomas P. Howard Newcastle University
24 Toward Treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Bacterial Cell Lysates: Production and Activity Assessment of Crisantaspase Using Cell-Free Protein Synthesis J Porter Hunt Brigham Young University
25 Cell-Free Biosensing of Human Hormone Disruptors in Blood and Urine J Porter Hunt Brigham Young University
26 Quantification of Interlaboratory Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Variability Matthew Lux

US Army CCDC Chemical Biological Center

27 Interfacing a Transcriptional Biosensing with Toehold-Mediated Strand Displacement for Programmable Molecular Diagnostics Jaeyoung K. Jung Northwestern University
28 Modular Fluorescent Carbon Nanotube Sensors for Discovery and Optimization of Cell Free Expressed Peptides and Enzymes Nathaniel Kallmyer Iowa State University
29 Synthesis of Proteins Containing Disulfide Bonds Using a Reconstituted Cell-Free Protein Synthesis System (PUREfrex) Takashi Kanamori GeneFrontier Corporation
30 A Genetic Code with Reduced-Size Alphabet Allows Directed Evolution of a Highly Bioactive Lys-Deficient IFN for Site-Specific Di-Pegylation Daisuke Kiga Waseda University
31 Cell-Free Gene Circuit Characterization Using High-Throughput Microfluidics Nadanai Laohakunakorn University of Edinburgh
32 Solvent Tolerance of Freeze-Dried Cfps Reactions Enables Materials Applications Marilyn F. S. Lee US Army CCDC CBC
33 An Improved Cell Lysate Based System for in Vitro Protein Synthesis Paula Magnelli New England Biolabs
34 Spatially Controlled Cell-Free Protein Synthesis and Glycosylation on Chip Zachary A. Manzer Cornell University
35 Ribosome-Ribosome Dual Display George C. Markou University of Minnesota
36 Biomanufacturing in Cell-Free Systems Niju Narayanan Los Alamos National Laboratory
37 Freeze-Dried Cell-Free Synthetic Biology for Diagnostics, Biomanufacturing, and Education Peter Q. Nguyen Harvard University
38 Anchoring Proteins for Spore-Display of Enzymes Are Best Selected Using Surface Availability of the Anchoring Terminus As Opposed to Loading Density of the Anchor Protein Trevor B. Nicks Tufts University
39 Troubleshooting Metabolism in a Thermophilic Cellulolytic Bacterium Using a Cell-Free System Daniel Olson Dartmouth College
40 A Multiplexed, Electrochemical Interface for Cell-Free Synthetic Gene Networks Peivand Sadat Mousavi University of Toronto
41 One-Pot Cloning Using Cell-Free Expression Systems Judee Sharon University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
42 Expanding the Diversity of Reporters for Use in Multiplexed Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Systems for Paper-Based Sensing Platforms Caitlin Sharpes Excet, Inc.
43 Model-guided design for ultrasensitive and multiplexable cell-free diagnostics Adam Silverman Northwestern University
44 Synthesis and Assembly of Hepatitis B Virus-like Particles in A Pichia Pastoris Cell-Free System Alex J. Spice Imperial College
45 High-Throughput Screening of Cell-Free Riboswitches By Droplet Sorting Takeshi Tabuchi Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
46 In Vitro Compartmentalisation of Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Reaction for Protein Directed Evolution Jaime Teneb University College London
47 Point-of-Use Detection of Environmental Fluoride Via a Cell-Free Riboswitch-Based Biosensor Walter Thavarajah Northwestern University
48 Rapid, Low-Cost Detection of Classical Swine Fever Virus Using Cell-Free Paper-Based Biosensors Aidan Tinafar University of Toronto
49 Plant-Dx: Point of Care Laboratory in a Tube Matthew S. Verosloff Northwestern University
50 A Cell-Free Metabolic Engineering Platform for High-Throughput Pathway Prototyping - Reverse Beta-Oxidation in Vitro Bastian Vogeli Northwestern University
51 An Enhanced Assay to Characterize Anti-CRISPR Proteins Using a Cell-Free Transcription-Translation System Katharina G. Wandera HIRI
52 Optimization of a Cell-Free Protein Expression System for Improved Functionality of Natural Transcriptional Riboswitches Monica Wolfe 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Laboratory, Ues, Inc.
53 Cell-Free System Suitable for Protein Expression at Low Temperature Takashi Yabuki RIKEN, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation
54 Fusion Protein Development for in Vitro Production of Isobutanol Matthew Wong Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
55 Expanding Chemical Interface of Artificial Cells By Synthetic Riboswitch Yohei Yokobayashi Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
56 Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Scale-up and GMP Production of Protein Biotherapeutics for Clinical Trials James Zawada Sutro Biopharma
57 Protein Screening Method in Cell-Free System Using Broadband Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy Ruolan Zhang Hitachi, Ltd.
58 Redesigned Upstream Processing Enables a 24-Hour Workflow Fromâ E. coliâ Cells to Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Max Levine California Polytechnic State University SLO, Center for Applications in Biotechnology
59 Adapting Cell-Free Protein Synthesis into a “Genetic Code Kit” for Biochemical Education at Cal Poly, SLO Nicole Gregorio California Polytechnic State University
60 Biogenic Metallic Nanoparticles. from Microbiological Biofactories to Nanometric Trojan Horses David Medina Northeastern University