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Poster Session Presenters


Poster # Abstract Title First Name Last Name Affiliation
1 Systematic Engineering of Virus-like Particles to Identify Rules for Shifting Particle Size Bon Ikwuagwu Northwestern University
2 Development and Characterization of a Microfluidic Device That Performs Gdna Extraction from Whole Blood Using Magnetic Beads Kiara Lee Brown University
3 Stapled Antimicrobial Peptides to Combat Multidrug Resistance Yaw Owusu-Boaitey University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Harvard Medical School Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
4 Protease Activity in Sickle Cell Disease Liver Adeola Michael Georgia Institute of Technology
5 Sickle Cell Disease Mediates Middle Cerebral Artery Shear Stress Profiles That Affect Endothelial Cell Responses Howard Nicholson University of Maryland Baltimore County
6 Evaluating the Effects of Synthetic Nanoparticle Antibodies Used for Treating Traumatic Musculoskeletal Injuries Clinton Smith Georgia Institute of Technology, Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience
7 Defining the Phenotype of Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity in the Nucleus and Mitochondria Meghan Davis Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8 Formaldehyde Vapor Sensor Makayla Headley UMBC
9 Mechanism of Social Stress Mediated Cognitive Deficit in Sickle Cell Disease Julian Rose Georgia Institute of Technology
10 Effect of Curcumin on Toxoplasma Gondii Growth Aarin Huffman Tuskegee University
11 Differential Roles of HMGA2 Isoforms in Prostate-Cancer Bone Microenvironmental Interactions Taaliah Campbell Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development, Department of Biological Sciences Clark Atlanta University
12 Construction of Oligomannose-Expressing Cell Line for Analysis of Cancer Dynamics LeNaiya Kydd The University of Texas at Arlington
13 Mathematical Model of Iron Regulatory Mechanisms: Oxidant and Ferric Stress Modulation of Bacterial Growth and Survival in Escherichia coli Daniel Ajuzie University of Houston
14 Fabrication and Performance of Lactate and Glucose Responsive Hydrogel Biosensors Incorporating Polypyrrole and Carbon Nanotubes Ankita Bhat Texas A&M University
15 Tunable Degradation and Release Profile of Bioresponsive Gelma-Crosslinked Poly(HEMA-co-HPMA) Hydrogels Sara Abasi Texas A&M
16 Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Identify Mechanisms of Centralized Chronic Pain Maame Owusu-Ansah Emory University
17 Establishing Conditions for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis of the HIV-1 Matrix-tRNA Complex Connor Parker University of Maryland, Baltimore County
18 Developing 3D Screen Bioprinting Techniques for Tissue Engineering Applications Sydney Haywood University of Maryland, Baltimore County
19 Novel Roles for Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Polymorphisms and Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in Prostate Cancer Janae Sweeney Clark Atlanta University
20 RNA-Seq: Identification of Genes Responsible for Protein Production Fluctuations in CHO Cells in Response to Temperature and Ph Changes Derrick Scott Delaware State University
21 Characterization and Evaluation of 2-Methylene-13,6-Trioxocane (MTC) Hydrogels As a Biomaterial for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Applications Yasmine Doleyres University of Michigan
22 Nanocultures: Controlled Microbial Communities in Sessile Drops Huda Usman University of Illinois at Chicago
23 Cooperative Control of Bacterial Consortia with Application to a Wound-Healing Model System Leopold Green California Institute of technology
24 Improvement of Membrane Protein Structure Prediction Using Paramagnetic Restraints Elleansar Okwei Vanderbilt University
25 The Degradation of TRIM24 in Metaplastic Breast Cancer Pilar O’Neal Howard University
26 Ecofabs: A Platform for Rapid and Reproducible Screening of Plant-Microbe Interactions Ritesh Mewalal Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
27 A Novel Fibrous Collagen Scaffold for Patterning Vascular Development and Regenerating the Myocardium Alicia Minor Brown University
28 Goldengate Assembly of a Synthetic Reader Effector Library for Epigenetic Engineering in Triple Negative Breast Cancer James Harrision Emory University
29  Increased Hypercoagulation Markers in a Humanized Sickle Cell Mouse Model Caused By Activated Cathepsin-Mediated Fibrinogenolysis Simone Douglas Georgia Institute of Technology
30 Graphene-based Anode forHigh-Performance Li-ion Batteries Joshua Clemons Charles R. Drew Charter School
31 Inducing the Migration of Dying Lymphoma Cells Towards Areas of High T-Cell Concentration with Chemoattractants In Vitro Lauren Hester Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy
32 A First Step Toward Additive Manufacturing For Engineering Applications Damoli McIntyre Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy
33 Epoxy Degradation from Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Taleesha DeVine-Guy Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy
34 Microcarrier Expansion of CAR T - Cells Miranda Rivera Charles R. Drew Charter School
35 High valence oxides alteration for the application of lithium Ion batteries Bryce Zelazoski