Rapid Fire Poster Guidelines

Presenter #NameCompanyTitle
1Matt HammondAmgenA Leachable Compound in Single Use Bioprocess Equipment that is Detrimental to Cell Growth
2Ajish PottyEMD MilliporeA Robust and Disposable Flow through Purification Train for Post-ProteinA Mab Processing
3Sean DelfosseKeck Graduate InstituteBenchmarking Study to Evaluate Trends for Viral Barrier Implementation in Commercial Cell Culture Processes
4Jon MonkUC San DiegoGenome-scale Metabolic Reconstructions of Escherichia Coli Highlight Strain Specific Adaptations to Environmental Niches
5Jette WypychAmgenMonitoring of Multiple Product Quality Attributes of Biologics using Stable Isotope Labeled Internal Standard and Mass Spectrometry
6David RichardsonPsangelusSingle Use Centrifuge Clarification of High Density CHO
7Kathryn JohnsonUniversity of MinnesotaUse of Annotated Chinese Hamster Reference Genome and Transcriptions to Investigate Regulatory Mechanisms and Mutation Rates
8Hurb LutzEMD MilliporeAccomodating Filter Variability in Process Design
9Tara ScherderArlendaBayesian Approach to Design Space for Drug Product Dilution and Fill
10Nicole LeAmgenControlling High Mannose Glycan Level and Optimizing Titer through a Balanced Modulation of Cell Culture Process and Medium CHanges
11Tara ScherderArlendaHuman and Cultural Factors in QbD- Risks and Opportunities
12Zai-Qing WenAmgenManufacturing Incidents Investigation Involving Raw Materials Used for Biopharmaceutical Products
13Mattias AhnfeltGE HealthcareQbD Strategies for Managing Chromatography Rese Lot-to-Lot Variability Based on Design of Experiments and Monte Carlo Simulation
14Angela MeierGenentechLessons Learned from a Scale-down Model Qualification Case Study

Below is important information regarding rapid fire poster presentations at the upcoming conference on Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Development and Quality by Design in Biologics.

  1. Poster set up is between 11 am and 4 pm Sunday, February 24. Posters must be taken down by noon on Wednesday, February 27
  2. The rapid fire presentations will take place on Sunday, February 24 from 5:45-6:45 pm PT
  3. Standard poster sessions will take place Sunday, February 24 6:45-8:00 pm and Tuesday, February 26 7:35-8:15 pm
  4. Rapid fire presenters will have 4 minutes to present 2 slides maximum (in powerpoint or pdf format). The timing will be strictly enforced. Personal computers can not be used. Please send your slides to Evan Flach (evanf@aiche.org) by Friday, February 22 by 5 pm PT at the latest.
  5. Please sit at the front of the room during the rapid fire session for quick transitions. A podium mic will be provided.
  6. Follow up questions can be asked in the subsequent poster sessions.
  7. You can see the order of the rapid fire poster presenters in the program book.
  8. Posters should be 30"x40" in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The general point of the rapid fire poster session is to give people an idea of what your poster is about. Leave them interested and wanting to ask questions about your work in the subsequent poster sessions.