Expression Systems

Monday, February 25, 2013, 10:15am-12:20pm PST

The focus of this session will be the use of expression systems to significantly accelerate development and eventual commercialization of protein therapeutics.  Talks might include discussion of current use (or potential use) of novel expression systems for this purpose, or the use of conventional expression systems in a different manner to achieve acceleration.  

Session Co-Chairs: 

  • Tim Charlebois, Pfizer
  • Thomas Ryll, Biogen Idec


Confirmed Speakers

  • Arvia Morris, Amgen: Efficient upstream process development programs generated using early molecule assessment and culture of continuous improvement
  • Amy Shen, Genentech: Past and Present Strategies, Challenges, and Benefits of Stable Cell Line Development at Genentech
  • Martin Allen, Pfizer: Streamlining the Discovery to Development Transition
  • Rashmi Kshirsagar: Integration of Cell Culture Process Platform and Cell Line Expression Systems to accelerate Biopharmaceutical Development

Martin Allen

Martin is currently an Associate Research Fellow in the Cell Line Development group at Pfizer in Andover, MA.  Prior to joining Pfizer Martin was a member of the Cell Line Development groups at Wyeth, Amgen, and Immunex.  Martin holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and completed postdoctoral training at the National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver, CO.Read more

Rashmi Kshirsagar

I am a Principal Engineer in Cell Culture Development. I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.  I have worked in the cell culture field for the past 14 years in industry and academia. Read more

Arvia Morris

After finishing her post doc work in the laboratory of Lawrence Chasin, Arvia has contributed to upstream process programs for Immunex and Amgen.  Her areas of interest include vector development, media development, process implementation and raw material evaluation.  Read more

Amy Shen

Amy is a senior scientist and has worked at Genentech for 19.5 years doing only one job, which is developing CHO stable cell lines for Tox and GMP production.Read more