CEP: April 2019

CPI facilities can reduce the risk of natural disasters by adopting wind and flood mitigation measures and creating detailed catastrophe-response plans. Other topics in this issue include designing industrial fermenters, biosafety levels and combined heat and power.


Resolve to Better the Planet

Much like New Year’s, spring is a time many of us resolve to improve. After spending winter indoors, it feels natural to celebrate the season of renewal by overhauling our homes. We dust, organize, and clear out clutter, bagging piles in trash bags and setting them by the curb. With April 22nd being Earth Day, you might consider a different type of resolution to improve your surroundings...

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Optimize Aspect Ratio in Industrial Fermenters

Reactions and Separations
Gregory Benz
The ratio of a fermenter’s liquid height to diameter can impact its heat-transfer surface area, blend time, and required agitator power. This article describes the factors that go into determining the optimum aspect ratio for a given set of conditions.

Manage the Risks of Severe Wind and Flood Events

Frank F. Liserio, Jr., Patrick W. Mahan
In the chemical process industries, natural disasters are commonly thought of as “Acts of God.” However, the risks of such events can be diminished with the right planning and preparation.
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