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New Products: September 2015

New Products

Operations and Maintenance

Dust Collector Diagnostics System Is Web-Based


GoldLink enables around-the-clock monitoring of dust collector operations by providing critical data, such as filter pressure drop, airflow velocity, emissions, fan run status, and explosion protection device status. Data are presented in a useable format that can be viewed from the GoldLink website. Messages alert users when devices reach critical setpoints or if an accident or emergency occurs. These alerts help to reduce operating costs, enhance safety, and increase productivity by informing and aiding proactive operation and maintenance activities. Facilities with many remote dust collectors, 24/7 operations, or the need to generate reports for regulatory compliance, as well as facilities without building management systems, will benefit from this technology.

Camfil APC

Ultrasonic System Cleans Without Solvents


This ultrasonic cleaner features a 24-gal main tank and horizontal transducers to achieve superior cleaning without solvents. Ultra 2400FA includes an agitation table, dual filters, a 6-gal weir tank, sparge bar, and an insulated tank and lid. Its V-bottom design makes it easy to clean between batches, and side-mounted transducers eliminate dead spots so the cleaning action is consistent from top to bottom. The unit is capable of cleaning rubber and plastic parts, bearings, bolts, plastic injection molds, and more. Specialized soap is available to help clean baked-on carbon and heavy solids. The compact size enables the cleaner to fit in most shop spaces.

Ultrasonic LLC

Fluids and Solids Handling

Bulk Bag Conditioner Automatically Adjusts to Bag Height


Hydraulic bulk-bag conditioners loosen bulk material that cannot be dislodged by pneumatically actuated flow-promotion devices integral to bulk bag dischargers. The BLOCK-BUSTER bag conditioner uses hydraulically actuated rams that automatically adjust to handle bags ranging in height from short to extra tall. The rams have a vertical travel distance of approximately 6 ft, which is roughly double that of most conditioners that employ scissor lifts to raise bags. A fixed-height turntable reduces loading deck height by about half. Users can program single or multiple heights at which the rams condition the bag, the amount of pressure applied by the rams, the frequency of ram actuation, and the number of 90-deg. rotations of the turntable. The system requires only an electrical power connection for operation.

Flexicon Corp.


RFID Interrogator Is Easy to Install


A well-defined range of 1 m and an intelligent filter enable the RFU620 radio-frequency identification (RFID) read/write device (interrogator) to accurately read and write to the correct tag. With a small size and an IP67-rated metal housing, the device is suitable for small spaces in industrial environments. Communication methods include serial and Ethernet, as well as power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The PoE communication method reduces setup time and installation costs because it requires only one cable for both power and Ethernet. An integrated heater incorporated into the Ethernet version allows for use in deep-freeze storage applications. The RFID interrogator is suitable for mid-range sensing and identification.



Cell Culture Media Enhances Productivity


The Cellvento CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) cell culture media platform includes a variety of formulations to meet a range of specific process requirements. Available in liquid and powder forms, the chemically defined, non-animal-origin media enhance cell growth and productivity for various CHO cell types, including CHO-S, CHO-DHFR negative, and CHO-K1. All formulations offer excellent powder homogeneity and consistency for strong lot-to-lot reproducibility. The media are suitable for batch, fed-batch, and perfusion applications.

EMD Millipore

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Handheld VOC Monitor Boasts Fast Response Time


The TigerLT handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor is a streamlined, low-cost version of the company’s popular Tiger model. The entry-level photoionization detector (PID) is appropriate for conducting environmental surveys, and it is suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres, such as those found in petrochemical facilities. A three-electrode format resists humidity and contamination, which reduces drift and extends run time, thereby improving reliability and accuracy. The design allows operators to easily access the lamp and sensor for simple operation and service. The monitor has a detection range of 0.1–5,000 ppm and boasts a response time of two seconds.

Ion Science

Materials and Chemicals

Scale Inhibitor Is Effective at Low Doses

The most popular scale inhibitors for evaporators in fuel ethanol facilities employ a continuous feed of polyacrylate, and while these treatments can be effective, the concentration of polyacrylate in the thin stillage stream is limited by regulations to 10 ppm. This low dose is often ineffective at controlling scale, which reduces plant efficiency and profitability by increasing water and energy usage. Polystabil AS4535 scale inhibitor is effective at a lower dosage than traditional polyacrylate chemistries, enabling it to easily meet regulatory requirements for polyacrylate. Its ability to effectively remove scale improves heat-transfer efficiency in vulnerable equipment and reduces the need for cleaning that can necessitate downtime.


Laboratory Equipment

LC-MS System Addresses Workflow Challenges


The 6470 triple quadrupole liquid-chromatography/mass-spectrometry (LC-MS) system delivers attogram-level sensitivity and accurate quantitation with up to six orders of linear dynamic range, making it suitable for food testing, environmental, pharmaceutical, and clinical research applications. The 6470 is the most robust triple quadrupole system the manufacturer offers, despite it being 10% smaller than its predecessor (the 6460). The 6470 helps to address the challenges of time-consuming sample preparation and complex matrices that can contribute to inconsistent results. Built-in jet stream technology delivers five times the sensitivity of traditional electrospray ionization. A tapered hexapole collision cell enables effective collection and transmission of fragment ions. Additionally, an ion detector with a high-energy conversion dynode and low-nose characteristics promotes more efficient positive and negative ion detection and mass range.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.


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