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Product Digest - October 2015


This month’s topic is Safety Equipment

Work Gloves Grip without Bulk


Brass Knuckle CR4300 work gloves feature American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Level 4 cut protection and a grip-enhancing latex coating on the entire finger and palm surface. The crinkle grip pattern of the latex coating enhances dexterity, reduces the likelihood of sprains, and minimizes fatigue. The gloves are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) — a low-lint, continuous filament yarn that is stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis. They are suitable for applications that require protection from large, fragile, or bulky materials, including assembly, manufacturing, and construction. Those looking for a heavy-duty work glove that offers durable grip and dexterity without bulk will find these gloves suitable.

Safety Today

Barrier Door Protects Workers from Moving Parts

As more suppliers incorporate robots in their distribution centers and warehouses, the need to protect employees from potentially dangerous moving parts increases. The Defender is an automated barrier door designed to protect employees from automated stretch-wrap machines, as well as other robotic-machine movement zones. The new version boasts upgrades to its noncontact safety switch configuration, control systems, and interlocking capabilities. The redesigned features give users better control over the door’s speed and position. The roll-up design has a minimal footprint, which allows it to be easily incorporated into crowded manufacturing environments.

Rite-Hite Machine Guarding

Warning Signals Feature Robust Enclosures


The D1x range of alarm horns, loudspeakers, and integrated alarm horn/Xenon strobe warning units employ the latest electronic technology and acoustic engineering in marine-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosures. The alarm horns, which include 64 alarm tones, are offered as traditional directional flare horns or as omni-directional radial horns that generate a uniform 360-deg. sound dispersion. The 5–10-J Xenon strobes are available in seven colors, and the loudspeakers are available in 15–25-W versions.


Thermal Shutoff Responds to Heat

The FireChek thermal shutoffs, made of resettable memory shape alloy, can be used to automatically shut down a pneumatic control system in the event of a fire, or when the ambient temperature reaches 135°F, 150°F, or 165°F. Unlike emergency isolation valves, which rely on fusible links or plastic burn-through tubing, this mechanism can be tested and reset. When the system senses excessive heat, for instance from a nearby fire, it immediately closes the air supply line to prevent the air from feeding the fire and simultaneously vents the spring-return actuator to allow for return to the fail-safe position. Because FireChek responds to heat rather than flame, it offers better protection than conventional shutoff methods.

Assured Automation

Signal Light Includes Both Visible and Audible Indicators


This dual-colored light-emitting diode (LED) signal light (Model HAL-TL-2X10W-C-PA) includes a 110-dBA audible horn. The light is designed to indicate processing status in manufacturing facilities, and is suitable for use in hazardous environments where explosive and flammable gases, vapors, and dusts could be present. The two 10-W LED lamps, which produce an amber or red output, can be configured to burn steadily, as a strobe, or as a combination of those. The NEMA 4X-rated enclosure can be permanently affixed to walls and flat surfaces.

Larson Electronics


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