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New Products - Chem Show Expo Preview - October 2015


Chem Show

Nov. 17–19, 2015 • Javits Convention Center • New York, NY

The Chem Show features the latest process equipment, products, and services — bringing together manufacturers and innovative new suppliers with executives, process engineers, production teams, and plant personnel throughout the chemical process industries (CPI).

Continuous Vacuum Dryer Handles Sensitive Materials


Rototherm D is a continuous indirect vacuum dryer for free-flowing solids that operates at low temperature and low shear to reduce degradation of sensitive materials. The dryer shell and rotor are both heated, providing a high heat-transfer surface-area-to-volume ratio. Dynamic baffles enable plug-flow continuous conveying through the unit, which eliminates variations in product quality between batches. An indirect heating mechanism uses less energy than direct methods, such as fluidized beds and convection dryers. Drying times can be adjusted from 20 minutes to several hours.

Artisan Industries, Inc., Booth 704

Storage Tank Vents Limit Hazardous Emissions


These high-performance, pressure and pressure/vacuum vents can be installed on storage tanks to control evaporation and fugitive emissions of flammable and hazardous petroleum products. A special sealing technology helps to limit emissions to less than 1 scfh at 90% of the setpoint. The ES-800 can be installed directly in the vent line, while the ES-900 is designed to be installed at the end of the vent line.

Enardo, Booth 709

Centrifuge Features an Inverting Filter


This centrifuge employs an inverting filter, pressure-assisted filtration, and thin-cake technology to separate and filter solids and liquids. The fully contained system produces a dewatered cake with a highly homogenous structure, with no residual heel and low moisture levels. Low-washing, medium-consumption operation minimizes the amount of filtrate that needs to be recycled. An automated basket-contents discharge and process-enclosure opening enhance operator, environmental, and product safety.

Heinkel Filtering Systems, Inc., Booth 104

Mixer Is Compatible with Plastic Totes

These portable plastic tote mixers include a powerful motor and collapsible impeller to achieve high-torque mixing in an easy-to-use design. The mixer completely encloses the tote to reduce product contamination and produce a uniform product. The four-blade, collapsible impellers — offered in Dynaflow, pitch, and radial type — can be easily inserted into the small opening of the tote, and the system can be operated by one operator. Models are available for each type of tote container, and in multiple configurations to address the various challenges of tote mixing.

Dynamix Agitators, Inc., Booth 727

Process Safety System Prevents Spurious Trips

Whether implemented as a standalone system or integrated with control systems, the DeltaV SIS Version 13 process safety system helps to protect assets and improve process availability. It employs an integrated approach to continuously monitor the ability of sensors, logic solvers, and final elements to diagnose faults on demand before they cause spurious trips. Version 13 increases project efficiency and connectivity to third-party systems so users can implement a modern safety system regardless of the distributed control system (DCS) vendor.

Emerson Process Management, Booth 305

Sight Glass Light Leverages LED Benefits

This compact, light-emitting diode (LED) sight glass luminaire is two times brighter than a typical sight glass light to afford enhanced views of processes. LED technology contributes to cool operation and long service life. The light does not direct heat radiation into the process vessel.

L. J. Star, Inc., Booth 431

Coriolis Flowmeters Service Low-Flow Applications


Mini CORI-FLOW mass flowmeters offer an alternative to traditional filling and dosing methods in applications in chemical, industrial, and laboratory environments. The precise and compact flowmeters are able to measure and control almost every fluid without recalibration. The coriolis meter provides accurate measurements for flows as low as 0.05 g/hr. Secondary outputs include density and temperature of the fluid.

Bronkhorst USA, Inc., Booth 109

Infrared Camera Detects Irregular Operation


Temperature differences and unusual thermal patterns can be indicators of abnormalities in electrical and mechanical equipment. The TiX560 infrared camera helps to detect abnormalities by thermal imaging. It makes inspection of hard-to-reach targets easier with a 180-deg. rotating lens that easily articulates to enable the user to see over, under, and around objects of interest. The large 5.7-in. touchscreen displays images and camera analytics. To save time during imaging, the camera allows users to edit parameters such as emissivity, background temperature, and color alarms after capture.

Fluke Corp., Booth 610

Flange Gasket Is Made of Anti-Stick Graphite

Removing a stuck gasket from a flange can be a tedious and labor-intensive task that can damage the flange. The GRAFILIT IQ’s material of construction helps avoid sticking. The gasket is made of an engineered expanded natural graphite foil, reinforced by an expanded Type 316L stainless steel insert that features enhanced anti-stick performance. It resists surface loads, particularly in cycling operations, and blow-out.

Donit Tesni, Booth 115

Sprayed Lining Cures Quickly

The 444 lining is a 100%-solids, polyurea-polyurethane hybrid, sprayable lining system formulated for vertical and overhead applications. It can be applied over a broad range of substrates and environmental conditions to provide a durable, flexible, waterproof membrane that resists impact and abrasion. The immersion-grade lining also resists chemicals, including petroleum products, caustics, and moderate concentrations of acids. The liner cures quickly and emits a low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Stonhard, Booth 319

Control Valve Positioner Improves Flow Control

The SRD991 control valve positioner is mounted directly to the top of the control valve, and its linear potentiometer provides the position of the valve actuator quickly, precisely, and consistently for improved flow control. The unit functions as an air-to-open actuator, retracting the stem and opening the valve as the instrument signal increases. It is suitable for applications that call for high positioning accuracy or that require more force than a standard actuator, such as those with high shutoff pressures or excess packing friction. The integrated network communications are compatible with most control systems.

Badger Meter, Booth 405

Guided-Wave Radar Is Suitable for Difficult Applications


The CGR guided-wave radar measures levels of liquids, gases, and powders, and operates at temperatures up to 250°C. A radar pulse travels down the probe to the material of interest and is reflected back up the probe to the sensor; the round-trip signal time is translated to a distance and thus a level measurement. The device is designed for difficult applications with multiphase level requirements, and it is especially suited for three-phase separators in the oil and gas industries. Measurements are not affected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, changes in dielectric constant, or coatings on the probe.

Hawk Measurement, Booth 812


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