CEP: October 2015

Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become widely recognized as an effective tool for assessing the resource use, environmental burdens, and human health impacts connected with the complete life cycle of products, processes, and activities. Other topics this month include independent consulting and Israel's chemicals industry.


Quiet, Please!

Environmental management strategies have evolved from end-of-pipe treatment to waste minimization and pollution prevention to sustainable development. An important tool in managing for sustainability is life cycle assessment (LCA). In the article beginning on p. 26, Mary Ann Curran explains how to use this holistic technique to identify and quantify the potential environmental impacts of a product or process throughout its life cycle.

    Most people are familiar with the three most common types of environmental pollution — air, water, and land. Other types of pollution — noise, light, thermal, and visual pollution — are less recognized. Noise pollution, in particular, has been on my mind a lot lately.

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Israel’s Chemicals Industry: From the Desert to the Dead Sea

Global Outlook
Since Israel’s independence in 1948, its chemicals industry has flourished thanks to the Dead Sea and the minerals it provides. A highly educated and skilled workforce makes this small nation a global power player in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

Going It Alone

Career Catalyst
Alan P. Rossiter
An independent consultant faces unique demands, but can reap many rewards.
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