3rd Emerging Meat Alternatives Conference (EMAC) | AIChE

Emerging Meat Alternatives Conference (EMAC) is one of few scientific conferences focused on technical aspects of creating plant-based, fermented-based and cultured meats. Emerging meat alternatives are a prime example where biochemical and high-tech chemical engineering problems need to be solved in a multidisciplinary environment with biologists, chemical engineers and bioprocess engineers. The conference will focus on the technologies (and challenges) shared by plant-based, fermented based and cultured meat alternatives to achieve the goal of creating tasty and nutritional food that can replace conventional meat.

The 3rd EMAC brings the most innovative technologies in the path for creating a more tasty, nutritious, and sustainable meat. The speakers are outstanding scientists combining the fields of plant-based, fermented-based, and cell-based meats and tailored food technologies to support the meat products from these novel sources. The uniqueness of combining academia and industry leaders in each session will allow us to explore each topic from various angles and promote in depth discussion.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Learn about the latest cutting-edge cell-based meat research
  • Gain insight on the technologies shared by plant-based and cultured meat alternatives
  • Develop insights on biochemical and high-tech chemical engineering problems
  • Participate in educational sessions with leading experts 
  • Share your ideas and expertise about the growth of the protein-based meat industry

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Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers, including academia and industry
  • Startups, producers, retailers, or food-service stakeholders

Sponsorship Opportunities

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