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Emerging Meat Alternatives Conference Technical Program

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Start (EST) End (EST) Day 1 Live Program - Wednesday October 6, 5 AM - 12:00 PM EST
5:00 AM 5:10 AM Welcome Remarks
Neta Lavon (Aleph Farms) and Jette Feveile Young (Aarhus University)
5:10 AM 5:55 AM Plenary Talk: Mark Post, Maastricht University
5:55 AM 6:05 AM Hallway Chats and Stretch Break
6:05 AM 7:20 AM Session 1: Cultured Meat
Session Char: Mark Post, Maastricht University
6:05 AM 6:30 AM Invited Talk: Shoji Takeuchi, University of Tokyo
6:30 AM 6:55 AM Invited Talk: Ori Bar-Nur, ETH Zürich. Devising alternative means to expand myogenic progenitors for cellular agriculture
6:55 AM 7:20 AM Invited Talk: Sissel Beate Rønning, Nofima AS. Growth media for large-scale cultured meat production-use of by-products from the food industry in the process
7:20 AM 7:30 AM Hallway Chats and Stretch Break
7:30 AM 9:55 AM Session 2: Plant Based
Session Char: Poul Erik Jensen, University of Copenhagen, Center for Synthetic Biology to Poul Erik Jensen, Dept. of Food Science, University of Copenhagen
7:30 AM 7:55 AM Invited Talk: Rikke Miklos, Source Technology. Development of meat alternatives by PowerHeater Technology
7:55 AM 8:20 AM Invited Talk: Rene Lametsch, University of Copenhagen
8:20 AM 8:45 AM Invited Talk: Lana Zivanovic, Innovopro. Uncovering chickpea protein solutions for the food industry
8:45 AM 9:10 AM Invited Talk: Daniel Dikovsky, Redefine Meat. Addressing the complexity of whole cut meat within a complete technological ecosystem
9:10 AM 9:25 AM 636492: Ourania Gouseti, University of Copenhagen. Understanding Hydration of Plant-Based Proteins
9:25 AM 9:40 AM 636504: Longteng Zhang, University of Copenhagen. Study on the Relationship Among the Physicochemical Properties, Structure and Functionalities of Different Commercial Soy Protein Isolates
9:40 AM 9:55 AM 636525: Mario Martinez, Aarhus University, University of Guelph. Highly Fribillar Whole Cut Meat Analogs from Different Hemp Protein Concentrates (Cannabis sativa L.)
9:55 AM 10:05 AM Hallway Chats and Stretch Break
10:05 AM 12:00 PM Session 3: Fermentation Based
Session Char: Jeroen Hugenholtz, Wageningen University & Research
10:05 AM 10:30 AM Invited Talk: Jeroen Hugenholtz, Wageningen University & Research. Microbial biomass as ingredient source for meat alternatives
10:30 AM 10:55 AM Invited Talk: Andrew Beasley, Enough Food. Producing fermented protein sustainably, by “Making More with Less”
10:55 AM 11:20 AM Invited Talk: Michael Jensen, Unibio
11:20 AM 11:45 AM Invited Talk: Julia Keppler, Wageningen University & Research. Beyond plant proteins – (new) protein sources for meat and dairy alternatives
11:45 AM 12:00 PM 636601: Jonathon Speed, Keit Spectrometers. An on-Line FTIR Spectrometer for the Monitoring and Control of Biomass Producing Fermentations

Start (EST) End (EST) Day 2 Live Program - Thursday October 7, 6 AM - 11:30 AM EST
6:00 AM 6:10 AM Welcome and Last Day's Takeaway
Neta Lavon (Aleph Farms) and Jette Feveile Young (Aarhus University)
6:10 AM 8:10 AM Session 4: Functional Ingredients & Technologies
Session Char: Milena Corredig, Aarhus University
6:10 AM 6:35 AM Invited Talk: Oswald R. Crasta, Equinom Ltd.
6:35 AM 7:00 AM Invited Talk: Volker Lammers, DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V. Recent developments in dry and wet extrusion of plant proteins
7:00 AM 7:25 AM Invited Talk: Seren L. Kell, GFI Europe. Alternative Proteins: An Overview of the Key Outstanding Scientific Challenges and the Role of GFI in Overcoming These
7:25 AM 7:40 AM 636515: Farzaneh Nasrollahzadeh, University of Guelph, Aarhus University. Role of Protein and Non-Protein Components on the Processability of Plant Protein Concentrates into Anisotropic Food Systems
7:40 AM 7:55 AM 636450: Hong Wang, University of Copenhagen. Physicochemical Properties of High-Moisture Extrudates Prepared from Soy and Pea Protein Isolates
7:55 AM 8:10 AM 636963: Nienke Köllmann, Wageningen University. Effect of Shear Treatment during Cooling on Structure Formation of a Pea Protein Isolate-Wheat Gluten Blend in High Temperature Shear Cell
8:10 AM 8:20 AM Hallway Chats and Stretch Break
8:20 AM 9:10 AM Session 5: Sensory Properties
Session Char: Ofir Benjamin, Tel Hai College
8:20 AM 8:45 AM Invited Talk: Ofir Benjamin, Tel Hai College. Understanding the sensory aspects behind alternative meat from current and future research perspective
8:45 AM 9:10 AM Invited Talk: Anna Martin, Fraunhofer Institute For Process Engineering and P. Improving the Juiciness of Meat Alternatives: Impact of Fat Phase on Texture and Sensory Properties of a Vegan Burger Patty
9:10 AM 9:30 AM Hallway Chats and Stretch Break
9:30 AM 10:15 AM Networking Break - Open Discussion for All Attendees
10:15 AM 10:35 AM Hallway Chats and Stretch Break
10:35 AM 11:20 AM Plenary Talk: Smita Shankar, Impossible Foods
11:20 AM 11:30 AM Conclusions and Next Steps
Neta Lavon (Aleph Farms) and Jette Feveile Young (Aarhus University)