2019 Emerging Meat Alternatives Conference (EMAC)

October 31 - November 2, 2019
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Emerging Meat Alternatives Conference (EMAC), a new conference organized by AIChE, is one of few scientific conferences focused on technical aspects of creating plant-based and cultured meats. Emerging meat alternatives are a prime example where biochemical and high-tech chemical engineering problems need to be solved in a multidisciplinary environment with biologists, chemical engineers and bioprocess engineers. The conference will focus on the technologies (and challenges) shared by plant-based and cultured meat alternatives to achieve the goal of creating protein-rich food that can replace conventional meat. Technology areas covered will be development of plant proteins as ingredients (novel proteins/extraction/processing/off-flavors), texturizing, bioprocessing, cell and tissue culture  and biomaterials. Food safety, quality control and regulatory issues will also be discussed.

Conference Co -Chairs:

  • Mark Post, Maastricht University 
  • Ranjani Varadan, Impossible Foods

Organizing Committee:

  • Azad Emin, KIT
  • Dina Fernandez, ADM
  • Atze Jan Van der Goot, Wageningen University
  • Ken Kraut, ADM
  • Ryan Pandya, Perfect Day
  • Peter Zandstra, University of British Columbia