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Presentation Slides from Environmental Remediation at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Complex

Presentation slides for the October 2020 presentation by Dave Maloney on "Environmental Remediation at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Complex"

Presentation Slides from ALAMO: Machine learning from data and first principles

We have developed the ALAMO methodology with the aim of producing a tool capable of using data to learn algebraic models that are accurate and as simple as possible. ALAMO relies on optimization algorithms in order to (a) build low-complexity models from input/output data, (b) collect additional data points that can be used to improve tentative models, and (c) enforce physical constraints on the mathematical structure of the model.

Benefits of AIChE Membership and Request for Officers

Letter from Secretary, Michael Mutnan concerning request for officers for the 2020-2021 season.

Sneak Peek at 2019-2020 Rocky Mountain AIChE Program (PDF)

Take a sneak peek at the 2019-2020 Rocky Mountain AIChE program plans.

Rocky Mountain Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers ByLaws

Original ByLaws of the Rocky Mountain Section of AIChE

Articles of Incorporation for Rocky Mountain Section of AIChE

1993 Articles of Incorporation for the Rocky Mountain Section of AIChE

NREL Foreign National Data Card


Chemical Engineering for Good Challenge: 2016 Winning Submission

Chemical Engineering for Good Challenge submitted by Miami University in Oxford, Ohio Engineers Without Borders Student Chapter entitled "Keratin-based Adsorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Water." Submitted by Chris Hill (student), Danika Whalen (student), Meredith Lloyd (student), Xin Dong (student), Catherine Almquist (professional), and team lead Halle Miller.

AIChE Solicitation Letter

AIChE Solicitation Letter

2015 AIChE Regional Career Fair at University of Colorado, Boulder

Please consider sponsoring the 2015 AIChE Regional Career Fair.

2014-11 NREL Tour Map

NREL Tour Map


NREL Federal National Data Card

DCP Midstream's Directions and Parking Information

DCP Midstream's O'Connor Gas Plant Parking Information