Chemical Engineer of the Year

This award generally is given to a distinguished chemical engineer in the Mid-Michigan Section with about 20-30 years of professional experience following graduation. Publications, patents, company recognition of achievement, and other accomplishments in the field of chemical engineering are key criteria for consideration. The individual must be an active participant in AIChE at either the local or national level to be considered. This is normally an annual award .

Young Chemical Engineer of the Year

This award recognizes service to AIChE, technical and professional expertise, and leadership that is superior for an early-career engineer. It is generally given to a person with approximately 4-12 years of service following graduation. This is normally an annual award.

Service to Society Award

This award recognizes long-time service to the profession through role modeling for other engineers and leadership of community activities that benefit area students and residents.  Recipients usually have about 25-30 years of service following graduation.

Award Winners

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Shining Star Award

The Local Sections Committee and Career and Education Operating Council are proud to administer the Shining Star Award which recognizes outstanding volunteerism at the AIChE local section level and encourages members to become more involved in local section activities.

Project Connect Grants

The Project Connect Grants for Local Sections were inaugurated in 2001 to assist local sections with their efforts to reach out to students, recent chemical engineering graduates, and new engineers.

Program Planning Grants

Program Planning Grants are intended to assist local sections with their membership outreach efforts. The objective is to encourage development of a program involving more than a single event.