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Program Planning Grants

Program Planning Grants are intended to assist local sections with their membership outreach efforts.  Local sections are encouraged to be innovative in their program planning.

Applications should describe events that are being planned by the local section under an umbrella of a larger program with identifiable goals and objectives. It is not necessary that all activities have a common theme beyond encouraging local section members to participate and interact with each other. 


In this program, 4 annual grants of $600-$800 each are awarded to sections submitting qualified applications. Program Planning Grants will be awarded in the spring and fall of year.

DeadlineSeptember 30, 2023
AdministratorsLocal Sections Committee (LSC)
PresentationThe Local Section Committee will review the applications and distribute the grants within 30 days of the application deadline.
Nomination Instructions
Each section may only receive one grant per programming year (July to June). Sections who receive the grant must submit a summary report of their funded project before they can apply for the grant in the next funding year.


The semiannual deadlines for applications are:

  • March 30 
  • September 30

Application Form

Summary Report

Program Planning Grant Ideas

  • Chemical Engineering PE review course - (10 sessions )
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering Workshop - (1-1/2 day session )
  • Fall Lecture Series - (4 meeting series with a common theme )
  • Financial Planning for Chemical Engineers - (multi-session series)

Evaluation Criteria

Below is the general application evaluation criteria that the Local Sections Committee will use to evaluate grant applications.

  • The innovativeness of the proposed program. What makes it innovative for the local section?
  • How does the program fit the needs of the local section?
  • How is the proposed program different from past programs?
  • How the proposed program will increase membership participation. What will draw prospective members to attend this program?
  • Will the program be targeted at a particular audience?
  • How will this program be promoted and advertised?
  • The section's ability to fund such a program on its own.
  • Does the section have a history of successful program years without having received a grant?
  • Is the applying section considered a section in need?
  • Has the applying section ever been awarded a Program Planning Grant?
  • Has the applying section been awarded a Program Planning Grant in the past 12 months?