Scott Wozniak | AIChE

Scott Wozniak

Process Safety and Risk Management
Honeywell UOP
  • Process Safety and Risk Management of 100+ UOP Technologies (ISOALKY Alkylation, Blue and Green Hydrogen, UpCycle, Battery Technology, CCR Platforming, Ecofining, Phenol Complex, etc.) 
  • Trained 25,000+ Colleagues in process safety and environmental areas
  • 50+ Industry Papers, Industry Presentations on Process Safety
  • Environmental Reviews (EIA, ENVID, BAT) and reducing carbon footprint (CO2 emissions, fugitive emissions summaries, waste minimization) 
  • 100+ Process Safety Studies (HAZID, MHA, PHA, ALARP, FMEA, SPFA, Bow-Tie, HAZOP, LOPA, SIL)
  • 100+ Site Assessments, Incident Investigations and RCAs, site Gemba's, and “hands-on" experience (India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Europe, Americas, etc.)