Phil Clark | AIChE

Phil Clark

CEO, Founder

Phil Clark has a decade of experience as the Hydrogen Safety Point of Contact at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and has played a pivotal role in ensuring the safe design of intricate research and development hydrogen systems. His contributions include facilitating hazard analysis, leading advanced risk assessments, conducting hydrogen hazard awareness training, overseeing system construction and operation, and leading investigations into off-normal events. Phil, a Certified Safety Professional and Certified Industrial Hygienist, is an active member of the Center for Hydrogen Safety’s Safety Culture Committee. He has also made significant contributions to the NFPA 2 committee's efforts in developing standard permitting checklists for the 2016 and 2020 editions.

Leveraging his strong understanding of safety regulations, codes, and standards, along with his passion for simplifying complex information, Phil embarked on the journey of founding his own regulatory technology company, Omitz. The company showcases a cutting-edge application of artificial intelligence and neural networks to distill complex regulatory requirements into easily manageable and navigable data. This data can be interacted with in a natural language format, making compliance and safety regulations more accessible and user-friendly.